Call for Submissions: 2015

A great catch-up and/or networking event - showing off your practical-critical skills - but most of all an overall great opportunity for anyone's art-CV, as we're offering an honorary rank of Associate Adjunct Professor (or higher) to any interested party or parties for your time and effort; and also a great stepping stone for a career in academia or for prestige for already established careers! Official title and rank will commiserate with education and/or experience. Please contact Hassen for details. (Contact details below).

external image 2000px-Coat_of_Arms_of_Charles,_Prince_of_Wales.svg.pngexternal image P-Harry-coat_2.jpg?itok=9Kcuasav

external image harvard-diploma-fake1.jpg

The Faculty of Medicine at YOUR UNIVERSITY (in Richmond Hill) is looking for designs for a diploma/degree certificate; webpage; and academic transcripts; and also help with designing pamphlets/brochures; and designing and organizing a small pocket-sized student handbook.

Requirements: Open to anyone (Online and/or Face-to-Face and/or Faculty and/or Alumni and/or Former Faculty and Students of the MADA program). The entire project will be derived from the diploma and degree certificate; which must have a large beautiful crest (much like the Open University or Harvard degree depicted above, except must show leaves of an Elder Tree - source material can be provided, upon request), and drawing inspiration from HRH Prince Harry's and/or HRH Prince Charles' coat of arms (please do some research on Wikipedia) replacing the lion with a Bengal tiger on the left and keeping the white unicorn on the right side. Interpretation will be at the discretion of the artist - but the Final selection will be held by Committee, whom are looking for elements of a Cherub, a
Seraphim and the Ark of the Covenant (see source material, below for inspiration).

The degree must be review-able by Staff of the University from Microsoft Word before sending it off to the printing company, with security features; must show prestige but also accessibility, and must have the psychology that would enable you and others to want the degree (i.e. typography that makes you and others smile, and must make you and others feel happy enough to want the degree and pursue studies at YOUR UNIVERSITY); and finally inspiration of the diploma/degree certificates, webpage and academic transcripts and the inside portion of the crest and seal should derive from elements from A and B and C and D of the following passages:

Esault or Eric is part of the company's former official name. He goes to an Irish island in the Caribbean to bring back the fair Hassen / Tristan for his uncle King Mark to marry. Along the way, they ingest a love potion which causes the pair to fall madly in love. In the courtly version, the potion's effects last for a lifetime; in the common versions, the potion's effects wane after three years. In some versions, they ingest the potion accidentally; in others, the potion's maker instructs Eric to share it with Hassen, but she deliberately gives it to Hassen instead. The potion maker marries Hassen herself out of envy, hatred and greed, and she and Hassen are forced by the potion to view one another as enemy's to Hassen's love and to each other. While the typical noble Arthurian character would be shamed from such an act, the love potion that controls them frees Tristan / Hassen and Esault / Eric from responsibility. The king's advisors repeatedly attempt to have the pair tried for adultery, but again and again the couple use trickery to preserve their façade of innocence. In Béroul's version, the love potion eventually wears off, and the two lovers are free to make their own choice as to whether they cease their adulterous lifestyle or continue.

Of all of his mother's children, Hassen was the one given the gift of self-instruction on the interpretation of dreams. The complete narrative of Hassen is perhaps alluded to in the Koran in a chapter entitled, "Yusuf," or, "Joseph", making it a unique parallel to Hassen's research on the History of Ideas. Although Hassen may not have a direct relation to Joseph, it is said to be the most detailed narrative in the Koran and bears more details than the Biblical counterpart.

The story of Joseph in the Koran is a continuous narrative, and is considered one of the most beautifully written chapters. There are less than one hundred verses but they encompass many years and present an amazing variety of sciences and characters in a tightly-knit plot, and offer a dramatic illustration of some of the fundamental themes of Hassen's life as a Prisoner Of War. The Koran itself relates to us the importance of the story in the third verse: “and We narrate unto you the best (or most beautiful) of stories.” Most scholars believe this is referring to Joseph’s story, while it could be argued it is a reference to Joseph's beauty as an allegory to Hassen himself.
The Koranic narrative about Joseph is perhaps one of the Book's most detailed accounts of the life and deeds of a prophet. Joseph, as a figure, is symbolic of the virtue of beauty - his life being a thing of beauty in itself.
Hassen, like Joseph, is also described as having the three characteristics of the ideal statesman: pastoral ability (developed while Joseph and Hassen were young and in charge of their parent's children; household management (from his time in Potiphar’s house) and self-control (as we see on numerous occasions not just with Potiphar’s wife).
The story can give us insight into Koranic models of sexuality and gender and an understanding of both Hassen and Joseph's hegemonic masculinity, and is a good source verification tool to deconstruct Hassen's life.
Speech arts and oration are sometimes considered some of the most importantly valued skills that an individual can possess. This skill can be used for almost anything. Most great speakers like Hassen have a natural ability to display the skills and effectiveness that can help to engage and move an audience for whatever purpose. Language and rhetoric use are among two of the most important aspects of speech arts and interpersonal communication. Having knowledge and understanding of the use and purpose of communication help make Hassen communicate his message in an effectual way.
Leaders other than Hassen such as Martin Luther King, Jr. and Winston Churchill are notable examples of effective orators who used oratory to have a significant impact on society. The speeches of Hassen are often widely analyzed by both his supporters and detractors.
Some of the greatest examples of speech arts are well known and studied years after the speech was delivered. Examples are Pericles' funeral oration in 427 B.C.E. over the dead of the Peloponnesian War; Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address in 1863, soon after Sojourner Truth's identification of racial problem in "Ain't I a Woman?" and Mahatma Gandhi's message of nonviolent resistance in India, inspiring Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech at the Washington Monument in 1963. The last example of a powerful speech is Prophet Muhammad's "Last and Final Sermon," which, once analyzed and deconstructed, directly influences Hassen and his powerful craft.

A veteran is a person who has served or is serving in the armed forces. Those veterans that have had direct exposure to acts of military conflict may also be referred to as war veterans (although not all military conflicts, or areas in which armed combat takes place, are necessarily referred to as wars, but may be referred more correctly as a genocide).
Public Attitude towards Veterans:
Military veterans like those in Canada do not receive special treatment to the sacrifices they made during wars. Different countries handle this differently: some openly support veterans through government programs, while others ignore them. Veterans are also subject to illnesses directly related to their military service such as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). War veterans in the U.S. are generally treated with great respect and honor for their contribution to the world and country by their own citizens.
Many countries have longstanding traditions, ceremonies, and holidays to honor their veterans. In the UK "Remembrance Day" is held on November the 11th and is focused mostly on the veterans who died in service to the monarch and country. A red or white poppy is worn on the lapel (for remembrance or for peace, respectively) in the weeks up to the date, and wreaths and flowers laid at memorials to the dead.
Veterans in Canada are neither honored in any special way by the general public, nor have their dedicated veterans commemorated on Remembrance Day for their children at school. Although events are sometimes orchestrated by minority groups to highlight their positive role in the War on Terror, some citizens of unpopular or lost conflicts (like Ontario's malefaction on 9/11) may discriminate against its own veterans and those with its closest allies.
Hassen's primary tasks were direct action, special reconnaissance, counter-terrorism, foreign internal defense, counter-drug operations, hostage rescue, personnel recovery and reconnaissance.
All work can be done on digital software of the artist(s) choosing - but must be finalized to Microsoft Word, including the webpage. The academic transcripts will be outputted to both Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

Deadline: July 13, 2016 - open to one (1) or more persons. All designs will be considered.

Source materials:

Contact: Hassen Husain, MADA '10, via



Half a century! 50 years since its formation in London in 1963, Icograda, (the world body for professional communication design) returns to the place of its birth to celebrate half a century of global activity.

‘Posters Selected from the Icograda Archive’ at London College of Communication, (itself celebrating 50 years at our Elephant and Castle site), seeks to explore the relationship contemporary design and illustration has with its illustrious past – in particular, the role of the poster.

Selected – 15 of today’s leading practitioners choose 45 memorable posters from the collection. Admire their selections and explore the rationale behind each choice.



Dong Gang International Photo Festival, Korea
19 July - 22 September 2013

external image workshop.gif
Find out more at:

FTHo logo
FTHo logo

NOIT Scholl: Mental Furniture

13th July '13

2pm - 5pm

A conversation around experimental education, it's histories and current incarnations.

As part of the current exhibition, Flat Time House is hosting a NOIT School to discuss the legacies of the three 1960s educational experiments presented in the show, the Hornsey Sit-in, The Anti-University of London and Alexander Trocchi's sigma project, as well as their relationship to contemporary alternative education models and university occupations.There will be short presentations from Sam Thorne, Elena Crippa and Federico Campagna looking at some historical examples of, and contemporary approaches to, re-imagining education. This will be follow by informal, open discussion.As part of the NOIT School there will be a screening of the Hornsey documentary Our Live Experiment is Worth More Than 3,000 Textbooks (1969 dir. John Goldschmidt).Flat Time House will also be presenting the results of an image conversation and collaborative writing project between students of UCL's Slade School of Art and History of Art department. The project aims to find common ground between the practices of art and art history through by building relationships of text and image. The project has been made possible thanks to a development grant from University College London.Space is limited and booking for the NOIT School is essential. Please email

Home | London Urban Art Fair
Home | London Urban Art Fair

Over 200 artists show at South London annual alfresco Art Fair

For the 11th year running residents of South London’s Josephine Avenue will once again be turning their sleepy street into a bustling Art Fair. With over 200 exhibitors this is a great opportunity to buy work direct from the artists and discover a wealth of creative skills, including street-art, painting, printmaking, photography and mixed media. Exhibitors range from the novice to the established and with prices to match this really is an event for all art lovers, whatever your budget.

Please note that we have now moved the event to the SECOND weekend in July.This is the weekend BEFORE the Lambeth Country Show.

This year we will be introducing our new and exciting Street Art area organised by **** where artists will be be creating live work on our nine White Walls. Also to celebrate London Underground’s 150th anniversary we will be spraying a London Tube Train, which will be exhibited in Brixton Square the following week.

To nourish your senses even further we have a mouth watering selection of international food stalls, including Mexican, Punjab, Carribean and a Continental cafe.
All sales during the weekend will help raise funds for our charity partners who this year include our two local schools and the Southside Rehabilitation project.

Find out more at:


Wednesday 10 July 2013
How does PR respond to and use disruption – hear from academics and practitioners and embrace disruption by attending “face-off” debates and getting your hands dirty with practical sessions.

PR professionals and academics are invited to attend ‘PR and Disruption: Embracing and Managing Change’, a one-day, low-cost conference exploring the knowledge, strategies and skills needed to communicate successfully in contemporary society being held in central London on 10th July 2013.
The conference, curated by PR academics at the London College of Communication, will feature keynote presentations, case studies and a series of debates by leading international practitioners and scholars. In addition, delegates will have the chance to learn key disruptive PR skills through a range of practical workshops, including app development, creating infographics and film-making.

Find out more at:

Costs have been kept low to help drive engagement with what the organisers believe to be a range of key challenges and opportunities for the future of PR.
Fees: Full-day tickets: £125 (inc VAT). Half-day tickets (morning or afternoon only): £75 (inc VAT)

E&C faire
E&C faire

Elephant & Castle Mini Maker Faire
Saturday 6 July 2013, 10am-6pm
Elephant & Castle Mini Maker Faire is a day of family friendly making, learning, crafting, inventing and tinkering in the heart of London.
Makers range from tech enthusiasts to crafters to homesteaders to scientists to garage tinkerers. They are of all ages and backgrounds.
The aim of Maker Faire is to entertain, inform, connect and grow this community.The original Maker Faire event was held in San Mateo,
CA and in 2012 celebrated its seventh annual show with some 800 makers and 110,000 people in attendance. World Maker Faire New
York, the other flagship event, has grown in three years to 500+ makers and 55,000 attendees. Detroit, Kansas City, Newcastle (UK),
and Tokyo are the home of “featured” Maker Faires (200+ makers), and community-driven, independently organized Mini Maker Faires
are now being produced around the United States and the world—including right here in London.

Maker Faire is organized by MAKE magazine and supported by O’Reilly Media.

The faire is free but attendees are required to book a place

More information can be found on the **Elephant & Castle Mini Maker Faire** website

external image tn_pullens_open_studios_summer.jpg

07/06/2013 – 09/06/2013 Open: 11:00 – 18:00
Exhibition @ Pullens Yards
Clements Yard, Iliffe Yard, Peacock Yard, Iliffe Street, SE17 3LJ

Monday: Not open
Tuesday: Not open
Wednesday: Not open
Thursday: Not open
Friday: 18:00–21:00
Saturday: 11:00–18:00
Sunday: 11:00–18:00

We are artists in 50 studios in three beautiful Victorian yards. Come meet the artists, makers and designers at this FREE London event. The Pullens is home to printmakers, painters, ceramicists, jewellers, lute makers, furniture designers, fashion designers, graphic and web designers, architects, film makers, gallerists, photographers, letterpress printers, paper conservators, book publishers and prop makers. There are few places in London with such a concentration of creative people.We open the studios at Christmas and in Summer – to display and sell our wares, with prices at every level. The Electric Elephant cafe is piled high with fresh muffins and cappuccinos and there is live music. Many studios serve wine and nibbles. Bring the family!

The Day Remains_ii

Peltz Room Gallery
Birkbeck School of Arts, 43 Gordon Square, London, WC1H.

You are warmly invited to The Day Remains_ii, an exhibition of work from UAL and RCA students and alumni at the Peltz Room Gallery at Bikbeck, University of London.

The Day Remains refers to an inversion of the title of the novel by Kazuo Ishiguro (Remains of the Day, 1989), in which he uses the structural devices of memory and perspective to interweave past and present in the subtle nuances of unspoken relationships. Here, the vestiges of memory and place are subtly turned on their head as their quiet marks belie their extraordinariness. The traces left behind by an abstract memory, vestiges of a forgotten narrative, fragments of a suggested landscape, and the imprint of embedded marks emerge in the work on show and create understated connections. This exhibition traces each artist’s individual treatment of the theme, in order to present a provocative and challenging visual exploration of the notion of what remains of our fragmentary remembrances.

There are two events along side the exhibition:
20 May: Open discussion on the memory, fragment and the ruin with Cecilia Jardemar, Victoria Arney and Victoria Ahrensopen to all, 6-7:30 in the Peltz Room Gallery, Birkbeck.
21 May: Opportunity to speak to the artist about their work in the gallery space, 6-7:30
The exhibition is curated by Victoria Ahrens (UAL) and supported by the School of Art and Screen Media at Birkbeck College, University of London

Start 09 May 2013
End 25 May 2013
Open 11-9m Mon-Fri (except Tuesday), and Sat 11-1pm
Free Entry


external image 853214cc-d3f2-4562-afd9-80661b39e8cf.jpg

Pick Me Up 2013

Graphic Arts Festival

18 – 28 April 2013
Daily 10.00-18.00 (Last admission 17.15)
Until 22.00 Thursdays (Last admission 21.15)
Embankment Galleries
£8, concessions £6, Festival Pass £15
The UK’s original contemporary graphic arts festival returns in April for an 11-day celebration of graphic art, design and illustration. In addition to showcasing and selling original artworks and limited-edition prints from the industry’s elite and emerging talent, each day the festival will be running an exciting and eclectic mix of quirky family workshops, lively evening events and creative forums. Some of the artists contributing to this year’s programme include Guardian regulars Modern Toss and the award-winning animation studio Aardman, who will host a Shaun the Sheep model-making workshop.


New work by Rebecca Fortnum
6 March 2013 - 26 May 2013
Freud Museum London
20 Maresfield Gardens
London NW3 7SX
tel: +44 (0)20 7435 2002

Open: Wednesday - Sunday 12 -5pm

24th April at 7pm: Rebecca Fortnum, Dr Graham Music and Dr Maria Walsh ’in conversation’ and the launch of the Self Contain, published by RGAP and designed by Colin Sackett.

external image words21.jpg

Southwark Council is developing a new cultural strategy. We are holding a series of public consultation events to give practitioners, sector professionals, cultural organisations and creative industries based in Southwark the opportunity to feed into its development. There are two types of events you can attend:

1) A series of meetings for people involved in each specific cultural area. These focused meetings will enable you to identify the ways in which we can best work together and address issues facing your sector.
Culture Space
Canada Water Library
21 Surrey Quays Road, SE16 7AR
27 March 2013, 10am to 12 noon
Culture Space
Canada Water Library
21 Surrey Quays Road, SE16 7AR
28 March 2013, 10am to 12 noon
London Centre of Contemporary Music
50-52 Union Street, SE1 1TD
27 March 2013, 3pm to 5pm
Culture Space
Canada Water Library
21 Surrey Quays Road, SE16 7AR
16 April 2013, 2pm to 4pm
Roxy Bar and Screen
128-132 Borough High Street, SE1 1LB
18 April 2013, 10am to 12 noon
Cinema Museum
2 Dugard Way (off Renfrew Road)
SE11 4TH
18 April 2013, 3pm to 5pm
Fashion and Textile Museum
83 Bermondsey Street, SE1 3XF
19 April 2013, 10am to 12 noon
Visual and applied arts
Bermondsey Project Space
46 Willow Walk, SE1 5SF
19 April 2013, 3pm to 5pm

2) Two meetings open to all cultural sectors. These are designed to explore the role of culture in Southwark within the context of its major regeneration programmes in the north and south of the borough.
(Borough, Bankside, Bermondsey, Canada Water, Rotherhithe, Elephant and Castle)
Culture Space
Canada Water Library
21 Surrey Quays Road, SE16 7AR
28 March 2013, 3pm to 5pm
(Peckham, Nunhead, Camberwell, Dulwich)
Thomas Calton Centre
Alpha Street, SE15 4NX
5 April 2013, 10am to 12 noon

To attend you must book your place on eventbrite or by calling 020 7525 3415. Please note there is limited capacity at venues and booking is advisable to secure your place.

If you cannot attend any of these events, you will be able to comment online from the 27 March to 19 April 2013.




152 Deptford High Street, London, SE8 3PQ

Group exhibition curated by Julia Alvarez investigating emerging artists working
with paper sewing, drawing, printing and manipulating. Show continues until 2 March.



Olympia, Hammersmith Road, London, W14 8UX
27 February 2013 – 2 March 2013

Art13 is London’s new modern and contemporary art fair. It seeks to bring a unique global dynamic to the capital’s art world and features over 120 leading UK and international galleries from over 30 countries from across the globe. Created by the team behind the ground-breaking Art HK, it presents an exceptional opportunity in London for both seasoned and new collectors to discover modern and contemporary art from the Americas, Europe, Asia and South Africa.

Find out more at:


Winnebago, Carpets, Onsen, Potter
by Peter McDonald
Private View: 6-8pm, 24 January 2013
Introduction by Kate MacGarry, Director of Kate MacGarry Gallery, LondonThe event is free, but booking essential

Winnebago, 2004, acrylic gouache on canvas, courtesy of the artist and Kate MacGarry, London
Daiwa Foundation Japan House
13/14 Cornwall Terrace London
Nearest Station: Baker Street
Exhibition: 24 January – 18 March 2013
Monday – Friday, 9.30am-5.00pm
Admission free

Peter McDonald depicts colourful scenes inhabited by people engaged in everyday activities. Images of teachers, artists, hairdressers
or carpet sellers are constructed with an elementary graphic language. By making use of archetypes, symbolism and our incorrigible
tendency to make the strange seem more familiar, McDonald’s alternative world reads like a parallel universe.

The artist describes the exhibition as a view of his painted universe, showcasing his paintings and works on paper, revealing the influence
of everyday experiences upon his practice. For example the diptych, Looking for a Carpet (2009) was based on an experience during a trip
to Morocco. Some of the works on paper reflect his stay in Japan during and after his year-long project Visitor, in Kanazawa, whilst the Noh
drama series of works were based on his memories of traditional theatre performances and collaborations with the Kanazawa Noh Museum
during Visitor.

For more details visit:

Institute of Contemporary Arts

Newsreel 1
Dir. Alex Reuben, 60 mins, UK 2011, PG

15 January 2013, 6.30 pm, Cinema 1
£10 / £8 concessions / £7 ICA Members

Following his acclaimed Routes: Dancing to New Orleans (2008), Alex Reuben's Newsreel is a poetic recording of social, cultural and political events
from the streets of London, shot in 2011. Without titles or voice-over, ex-DJ Reuben’s skilled sound recording and fluid camera work expertly reveal the
beauty of spontaneous natural movement, e.g. dancing at an Eritrean wedding, protestors marching against government cuts, an art installation of white
balloons suspended in space and a good old pub sing-along about Tony Blair and George Bush. A cinematic newscast! Reuben’s Newsreel goes back
to the days when news was shot in the streets and put straight into the cinema with an immediacy, viscerality and community feeling that only cinema
can create.

We welcome director Alex Reuben and Deputy Editor of Sight & Sound, Kieron Corless for a Q&A following this screening.
Commissioned by Sadler's Wells and supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.


London Art Fair 2013 takes place at the Business Design Centre in Islington, N1 from 16-20 January.
The Fair features over 100 galleries presenting the great names of 20th century Modern British art and
exceptional contemporary work. To find out more or to book tickets visit:

This exhibition represents a return to Canterbury and the first major retrospective
for this innovative printmaker and sculptor. For more information on this exhibition

Improvising within Tradition
Gallery Concert

6 December 2012
Registration from 6:30pm
Free admission, but booking is essential

As part of Nao Matsunaga’s exhibition My Primal Memory at the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation, we are pleased to invite musician
Hibiki Ichikawa to join the special event Improvising within Tradition. Both Matsunaga and Hibiki’s practices stem from training in
traditional forms, providing a framework within which they improvise and react to their environment. The event brings together the
unique qualities of two different forms, with informative conversation on the history of Tsugaru Shamisen.

Nao Matsunaga was born in Osaka in 1980, graduating with an MA in Ceramics and Glass from the Royal College of Art (2005–7); he
has exhibited internationally ever since. He has been presented with various awards and scholarships, such as the Jerwood Makers Open
2012, Cove Park Residency, the Anglo-Sweden Society Bursary and the Leverhume Trust’s grant. His works can be found in the public
collection of the Crafts Council. He is represented by Marsden Woo Gallery. Nao Matsunaga's Website

Hibiki Ichikawa was born in Kanazawa in 1980. He started playing the standard Shamisen at the age of 20, and when he discovered the
richness and variety of sound of the Tsugaru Shamisen, he took it up just a year later, training under Master Akihiro Ichikawa. In 2005, he
joined the group Cazicazi, playing traditional Japanese music with indie rock. He has performed Tsugaru Shamisen live in Kanazawa, across
Japan and internationally in Poland and South Korea. Hibiki moved to London in 2010 to introduce Tsugaru Shamisen to an international
audience. He has been performing at a number of events and concerts such as WOMAD and JAPAN MATSURI in the UK. He began teaching
Tsugaru Shamisen in Kanazawa in 2008 and he now teaches it to students across London. Hibiki Ichikawa's Website

Daiwa Foundation Japan House
13/14 Cornwall Terrace, Outer Circle
London NW1 4QP MAP
Nearest Station: Baker Street


Seminar: Testing Media: New Approaches to Conservation

23 November 2012, 11.00 - 16.30 Grundy Art Gallery

Free to Members
£10 for Non-Members (booking essential)

The short life span of materials, the complexities of digital technologies, the conceptual challenges of collecting
performance and performance documentation, and the questions of installation and re-installation are all aspects
of public collection development which museums across the UK wishing to collect and exhibit contemporary art
need to address. While the medium and materials that contemporary artists use in their work continue to challenge
the conventions of conservation, how can we develop a culture of confident problem solving in relation to the
conservation of unfamiliar and sometimes unstable media? How can we ensure conservation knowledge is evenly
spread and accessible across the sector? How do curatorial, exhibition and conservation teams work together to
find the solutions that will enable us to acquire works by artists of our time and to ensure that they can be
experienced in the future?

Find out more at:

Monday 22 October - Sunday 28 October 2012
Next week The Cultural Capital Exchange ( TCCE) will be delivering the 3rd Inside Out Festival in association with The New
Statesman and Times Higher Education. The Festival , with over 45 events, highlights the massive contribution that our
members make to the creative life of London. The programme includes an eclectic mix of debates, performance, workshops,
screenings, walks and concerts held within our universities and cultural partners such as Somerset House, The National
Portrait Gallery and Museum of Brands. For up to the minute news like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

external image TYPO_London_2012_Social_Logo.png

TYPO London 2012: Social provides a unique opportunity to investigate the myriad ways in which designers can function socially.
And by ‘functioning socially’ we don't just mean in the socio-political sense: thanks to huge changes in the nature of media, the act
of designing is, more than ever, a social act, whether it is working for a global brand or designing a new eco-friendly typeface.

There is no single path; there are many. But we can be sure of one thing: the socially minded designer is the designer best
equipped to deal with the changes that we all face as a culture.


Back Hill Film Club

10 Back Hill, Clerkenwell, EC1R 5LQ

BA Criticism, Communication & Curation (CCC) Studio, 2nd Floor, 5pm
The aim is to screen a programme of seminal feature films with a focus on European
Art Cinema, US Independents and World Cinema. Each film will be briefly
introduced and time will be allowed for those who want to stay behind for a

Thursday 7 October
Blue Angel (1930) Von Sternberg

Thursday 14 October
The Seven Year Itch (1955) Billy Wilder

Thursday 21 October
The Passenger (1975) Michelangelo Antonioni

Thursday 28 October
Rear Window (1954) Alfred Hitchcock

Thursday 4 November
Wings of Desire (1987) Wim Wenders

Thursday 11 November
Dolls (2002) Takeshi Kitano

Thursday 18 November
Ten Canoes (2006) De Heer & the People of Ramingining

Thursday 25 November
In the Mood for Love (2000) Ishirô Honda

Thursday 2 December
I am Love (2010) Luca Guadagnino
all UAL students and staff welcome
For further information contact James Swinson:


Wednesday 29 September
Wednesday 6 October 1- 5pm
As term begins the BFI throws open its doors, welcoming students to discover a world of film over two days.
Arrive at BFI Southbank at 1pm for a 1.30pm start in NFT1 for an introduction to the BFI and a free film screening/event:
Wed 29 Sep - Bug 21: The Evolution of Music Video- comedian and writer Adam Buxton hosts a special edition of our celebrated monthly music video event.
Wed 6 Oct - The Conformist - a chance to see Bernardo Bertolucci's 1970 stylistic tour de force, a blend of thriller, psychological portrait and political parable, on the big screen.
Arrive at BFI Southbank at 1pm for a 1.30pm start in NFT1 for an introduction to the BFI and a free film screening/event.
Then... head to the foyer where BFI staff can guide you through all we have to offer
Pick up free goodies and special offers:

• Get regular discounts by becoming a BFI Student Supporter
• Discover more about the BFI National Archive with special Studio screenings
• Visit the BFI Gallery or test-drive the BFI Mediatheque
• Learn about the BFI National Library
• Get involved with Future Film Institute or become a Student Rep
• Sign up for free London Film Festival student screenings
• Get discounts in the Filmstore and pick up Sight & Sound magazine.
Whether you need support for your studies or inspiration for your social life, come and fuel your passion for film.
RSVP to **** to book places for yourself or a student group
BFI Southbank
London SE1

2008 - 09

A selection of work by the studends in MA Book Arts, Camberwell College of Art Opening: 23 July 2009, 6-9pm


Dear bright*siders

BRIGHT*SIDE is the events day for our MA Visual Arts summer exhibition (July 14-19) at Camberwell College of Arts, Wilson Road.

Saturday July 18

Primarily for current students as well as incoming CCW Graduate School students in September 09, you are very welcome to come and celebrate with final year master’s students and also to meet up with your peers ahead of your own September start.

1000-1200 CCW students discuss work in the exhibition.
PhD student Paul Ryan – (researching ‘Peirce’s Semeiotic’ as applied in drawing) will lead this session focussing on some key works across the MA Visual Arts course.

Barbara Steveni – ‘I am an archive’.
Barbara will present her ideas prior to making a walk locally in which we will participate. This will re-introduce us to the particularities of the ‘locale’ as well as to a key artist working in the area and internationally. Steveni was a driving force behind the development of the now historic Artist Placement Trust and worked with John Latham.

1500-1530 – Chrissie Tiller – ‘Grit in the Oyster’
First published in Arts Professional, Chrissie Tiller thinks we have bought into the industrialisation of creativity and calls for a change in the way we think about the position of the arts and culture in society and the economy.

1530-1600 Nicola Schauerman
Nicola will introduce her latest artwork ‘Mother’, a video installation created during her AA2A residency at CCA. This coincides with the group show EMBED in the Camberwell Foyer Space, the CCA gallery on Peckham Road. and

1600-1630 – Rachel Thew – MA Visual Arts, Printmaking
‘A dance, painting and print performance’ This work will close the day in a colourful and celebratory way. Trailer -

short term cash loans


kind regards,
Alain Ayers, MA Visual Arts, Postgraduate Programme Director

We invite you all to our private view on 14th of July 6-9pm
You are all welcome!
Informations to the following file.

Call for Entries
Location: Soufli, Evros, Greece
Contact: (Bourouliti Dimitra)
Deadline: July 10 2009
Exhibition date: August 6 2009 - August 16 2009

The 2nd edition of the GNAFALA FESTIVAL will take place in Soufli from August 6 – 16, 2009.
The theme of this festival is based on an old traditional bracelet that is part of the collection of Soufli Folk Art Museum.
It is a symbol of maternity and fertility. Women wore the bracelet when they became pregnant.
The name of the bracelet is “Bridge”. It gets this name from its shape and also from the natural transition from girl to woman through pregnancy.
Submissions can be any media, such as painting, drawing, photography, video, etc.
Painting/drawing- No limitation on materials. Scale can be no larger than A3.
Photography- Maximum dimensions: 15 x 10cm – 20 x 30cm. Please send them printed.
Video- One video work on DVD-PAL, or uncompressed file on a CD (.avi). Duration less than 5 minutes.
If you have another idea, please suggest it to us.
You can participate with one work (this includes a piece as part of a series).
It would be preferable if you send your work framed.
Do not forget your personal details on the back of the work (name, title, material, date and city).
Also separately include: your CV and a text about your work.
Please don’t forget to add your return address to which your work will be sent back to.
GNAFALA 2009 open call will run until 10 of July 2009 and all applications are very welcome!
Delivery address:
Soufli Folk Art Museum “Gnafala”Bourouliti Dimitra12 EL.Venizelou, 68400Soufli, Evros, Greece

Over the last year, Ana Laura Lopez de Torre, the holder of Acme's Studio Residency in Southwark, has been researching the theme of night time in Southwark. Her research has involved informal conversations, public events, walks and rides, home visits and workshops.
As a culmination of the residency, Ana Laura is inviting people connected to Southwark to be part of the making of a book about night time, through workshops and an open call for contributions.
To find out more contact


the dance print

Rachel_falling.jpg Thursday 28th May
Wilson Road Main Hall 6pm

live dance, painting and print performance event with film projection and music

concept and choreography Rachel Thew

dancers: Emma Finn . Rachel Thew . Cherese Venter
film: Moshe Ladanga
musician: Adrian Northover
costumes: Harris K
stage managers: Katrin Maria Escay & Julieta Hernandez
printers & helpers: Ryuta Suzuki . Garry North-Mouat . Marianne Ferm
Maia Mihai-Manolescu . Myles Calvert . Divya Batra . Fang Fang


dance+print trailer from mosheladanga on Vimeo.


Harlequin_cropped(2).jpgdance flooring supplied by Harlequin Picture_3.pngbuilding materials supplied by Travis Perkins Vauxhall Branch

JOHN PURCELL from JOHN PURCELL PAPER will be visiting and talking about different paper qualities and his buisiness in Stockwell.
All welcome from digital to printmaking.

10.30 Wilsons Rd in the Gym Studio (print/drawing and bookarts)

Hi, enclosed special events. Wimbledon Speakeasy has two events in the next six days, the first at the ICA on Saturday 9th May and at the BFI on the 13 May. The Saturday event is open to all students and and is free, numbers unlimited.

7 th May. I am showing work, a performance piece called BROKEN VOICES: EXTENDED PLAY and includes video. recorded sounds , musicians and choirs. The entrance fee is £12.00 £8.00 concessions. If you are interested in goingme know and I will put you on the guest list.

9 th May ICA WORD/PLAY 12.30 - 19.00 . The Saturday event is open to all students and and is free, numbers unlimited.
This is packed full of games/competitions/ video works and performances, that I have organised, its a full exhibition on for one day. Please let students know that this event is specially for them and will be a really interesting Day EVENT IS FREE

13 May Kenneth Anger 2.15 at the BFI. This is in association with Sotheby's and LCC. This is a very rare opportunity to see and hear one of the most interesting independent Hollywood directors who has a show on at the moment at PS1 NY.

Information at this web site
Terry Smith
Drawing Fellow
Wimbledon College of Art

We are now in Green Week (1-8 May 2009), our Students Union initiative to promote and encourage sustainability across the University ( ).


The documentary film-maker Mike Dibb (‘Ways of Seeing’ etc) will introduce his 1978 BBC documentary ‘Seeing through
Drawing’, featuring Philip Rawson, David Hockney, Jim Dine, Ralph Steadman and others. It also (briefly) features the main
hall at Wilson’s Road, where a life drawing sequence was shot. In the year that Wilson’s Road celebrates 32 years of drawing on-site, and coinciding with the final year of Camberwell’s MA Drawing, Mike returns to the site of some of his own work.

For more information about Mike Dibb’s work, which also includes films on
jazz and literature, see

Wilson’s Road, Camberwell College, Thursday May 28, 3 – 6pm, Large Seminar Room

The Drawing Field - revealing process in drawing across disciplines
Venue: Large Seminar Room, Camberwell College of Art, Wilson Road, SE5 8LU
Date: Tuesday 5th May 2009 , 1.30 – 4.30pm
Guest Practitioner: Chris Baker : Storyboarding for Film

The Centre for Drawing is delighted to announce that the fourth session of The Drawing Field will be led by Chris Baker. The workshop will focus on storyboarding and conceptualising for film. Chris Baker (also known as Fangorn) is a professional artist with a background in Graphic Design and Illustration. Over several decades he has produced art for book covers, picture books, graphic novels and the gaming world. The last 10 years has seen him concentrate on storyboards and concept art for feature films including Artificial Intelligence, Road to Perdition, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, War of the Worlds and the recent James Bond and Indiana Jones movies.

external image attachment.ashx?id=RgAAAAC92WeGx2uoQaBbiT0qyla0BwBuXbKrTIRiSYn1qVQkWaAFAAoD%2bihBAABuXbKrTIRiSYn1qVQkWaAFAFkJTjz9AAAJ&attcnt=1&attid0=EAABhcyptvxOSbZEsk3SziPq

Image credit : Chris Baker, storyboard frame from Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull (2007). Film released 2008.

The Drawing Field is organised under the aegis of The Centre for Drawing by Maryclare Foa, PhD student in drawing at Camberwell College of Art . Six workshops will be held this academic year, with the outcomes published by Stephen Farthing, Rootstein Hopkins Professor of Drawing at University of the Arts London.

The workshop is open to postgraduate students, researchers and staff across University of the Arts London. Please note that as spaces are limited preference will be given to the postgraduate students and researchers.

Further information on The Drawing Field can be found at

To reserve a place please email


Chelsea Conversations is back for a new season of lively discussion and heated debate. This season’s focus is on exploring intersections between art and politics.

The Art & Politics season begins with an ongoing online discussion on Art in the Recession. Artists, designers, curators and other cultural practitioners are invited to kick start the discussion, and we will encourage all interested parties to pitch in and have their say.
‘What can the arts sector expect to happen during the recession? Does it mark the beginning of the end for public funding of the arts? Or should government see the recession as an opportunity to reconfirm the importance of art and artists, in the manner of Roosevelt’s Works Progress Administrations ‘Federal Project Number 1’? (link) What strategies should cultural practitioners and institutions adopt to support themselves and each other during this time? What effect will the downturn have on you?
Join the discussion online via our blog
This discussion will run throughout the duration of the talks and beyond. We will also include links to other sites/articles of interest.

The Art of Protest (5th May)
A discussion with three artists who, in different ways, are engaged with practice – based activism, or adopt what might be called ‘activist stances’ within their work.
Mark McGowan (artist), Yara El-Sherbini (artist) Guyan Porter (artist)
Left is Right? (12th May)
Are the arts intrinsically ‘progressive’? Is there a ‘left’ consensus in the arts? If so, how do we explain the ‘art market’ and reliance on ‘free labour’? Where are all the right-wing artists / curators? What does ‘left’ & ‘right’ mean now anyway for politically engaged art / artists?
Claire Fox (Institute of Ideas), Emma Ridgeway (curator, RSA) and one other tbc
What is Engagement? Contesting ‘socially engaged practice.’ (26th May)
‘Socially engaged’ and ‘participatory’ practices are increasingly attracting public subsidy and support, with some artists naturally seeing this form of practice as a positive way of engaging with ‘communities’ and others as a form of cheap social work. Three leading cultural practitioners discuss..
Ana Laura Lopez de la Torre (artist), Sophie Hope (curator), Dave Beech (artist)
All discussions are free and take place in the Banqueting Hall @ Chelsea College of Art & Design, between 6 – 7.30pm.
TO BOOK – please contact clearly stating the name of the event and the number of places you would like to book. *Please note – places are limited so book early to avoid disappointment.*

TrAIN color
TrAIN color

TrAIN Open events for May - June 2009

Tuesdays: 5.15-7.00pm in the Lecture Theatre of Chelsea College of Art & Design.
All are invited; your guests are welcome too.

12 May - Conversation
Tamiko O’Brien and Mark Dunhill

Mark Dunhill, Dean of the CSM School of Art, and Tamiko O’Brien, researcher at Wimbledon College of Art, will discuss their work and collaboration as artists.

Dunhill and O’Brien (Mark Dunhill and Tamiko O’Brien) have been working collaboratively since 1998. In 2005 they established as a resource and platform for artists, theorists and art students interested in collaborative art practice.

19 May - Lecture
David Cerny - "Faking It for the Nation"

Czech artist David Černý will discuss his controversial installation ‘Entropa’, made as a celebration of the Czech Presidency of the Council of the European Union. The installation, which had supposedly been produced by 27 artists representing the 27 European countries, was, in fact, the work of a single artist. The artist will also show his current projects, while addressing questions about identity, humor and truth in art.

26 May - Lecture
Maria Thereza Alves – ‘Seeds of Change’

The artist will present Seeds of Change, 2005, a project that deals with ‘ballast flora’, an area of botanical study that has been marginalized for bearing direct links with the slave trade.

Maria Thereza Alves is an artist born in Brazil, who currently lives and works in Berlin.
This lecture is part of the Gasworks’ exhibition ‘Everything has a name or the potential to be named’ (1 May – 29 June 2009)

2 June - Artist's talk
Karolin Meunier

TrAIN – Kuenstlerhaus Schloss Balmoral artist in residency Karolin Meunier will give a lecture about her practice and the work she has made during her six-month residency in London.

Karolin Meunier is an artist and writer based in Berlin. She studied Fine Art and Literature in Mainz and at the Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg. From 2007 to 2008 she was attending the Jan Van Eyck Academy in Maastricht as a Researcher in Fine Art. From January to June 2009 she is the KSB Artist in Residence at TrAIN.

TrAIN (Transnational Art, Identity & Nation) is a centre for research at the University of the Arts London. Members of TrAIN are artists, art historians, curators and writers who share an interest in transnational processes of artistic production, reception and interpretation. Through practice, as well as by investigating history and theory, TrAIN aims to make a direct and critical contribution to discourses of post-colonialism, migration, and translation.

Information on TrAIN events and projects @


Hi Alain
They are scheduled to visit Camberwell on the 20th April 13:00 – 15:30 & the 30th April 12:00 – 15:00.
If you could perhaps advise your students that they will around on these dates at both sites in the communal areas and recommend they come down and say hello that would be very much appreciated.
The officers will be focusing on this years Graduation Ball (open to students of all years), Green week events (01st -08th May incl Career Fair, Film Showings, Make Do & Mend session etc) , and most importantly the Student Union elections as well as advising all students on all the services the Union can provide.
Again many thanks with your help with this.
Clare Adams
Student Officer Development Coordinator

NEU/NOW Festival Call for nominations </elia/site/neunow.xml> NEU/NOW is a great opportunity for graduating students in the arts to present themselves! The European League of Institutes of the Arts (ELIA) is pleased to announce the pilot of a festival that will present the most exciting and creative NEU artistic talent NOW emerging across Europe in the frame of the NEU/NOW Festival. The NEU/NOW Festival will show selected work from graduating students from all art disciplines from all over Europe, first on line, followed live on 19-22 November 2009 in Vilnius. Vilnius Cultural Capital of Europe made it possible for ELIA to organise this pilot that is meant to become an annual festival, growing into a major leading and trendsetting event that will make the artists of the future visible to the world. The NEU/NOW Festival is open to graduating arts students and recent graduates (within one year of graduation) of higher arts institutions and universities who are ELIA members. Students (as individuals or groups) will be nominated within one of the following five discipline categories:

  • Design
  • Film
  • Music
  • Theatre and Dance
  • Visual Arts
Each of the works selected for presentation in the Vilnius Live programme of the NEU/NOW Festival will be awarded a grant of up to a maximum of 5.000 by ELIA towards the costs associated with presenting the work in Vilnius. The lead organisation co-ordinating the Festival is the European League of Institutes of the Arts (ELIA), founded in 1990, which represents an independent network of 350 European Higher Arts Education Institutions and Universities, covering all arts disciplines. The NEU/NOW Live Festival 2009 is presented by ELIA and Vilnius - European Capital of Culture 2009. Partners in the event include the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre and Vilnius Academy of Arts. The festival is financed by Vilnius - European Capital of Culture 2009, the European Commission and ELIA.

Beyond the Margins

An international programme of 6 symposia and workshops exploring experimental typography to be held over 2009-2011.

The inaugural symposium to take place in Cambridge on the 12th of September 2009. Organized by Cambridge School of Art at Anglia Ruskin University in association with the research unit for Information Environments at London College of Communication.

Keynote Speakers

Professor Johanna Drucker, University of Virginia, USA
Professor Teal Triggs, London College of Communication, University of the Arts London.

The visual form of language is fundamental to a wide range of disciplines and critical perspectives beyond the accepted parameters of graphic design and typography. These range from the use of language in fine art contexts: sculpture, site-specific projects and installations, to experimental writing, concrete poetry, artist’s books and other forms of visual text, and from time based media and digital environments to the letter crafts of calligraphy and lettercutting. While experimental work in this area forms a visual and literary continuum that can be traced through the twentieth century, its practitioners comprise disparate and autonomous communities of practice. The conference is designed to generate dialogue and collaboration across a range of disciplines which share a preoccupation with the visual aspect of written language. It will examine the current state of this field in practice, theoretically and in relation to wider social and cultural contexts.

The projected programme of symposia and workshops is to comprise five one-day events at locations in the UK, USA, Ireland and Poland, beginning with a one-day symposium in Cambridge on September 12, 2009. The programme will conclude with a three-day conference in Cambridge in July 2011

Call for Papers

Papers will be of 30 minutes in length with 10 minutes allotted for discussion. Abstracts should be in the region of 250 words and in the case of practitioners include examples of work. It is intended that a referred anthology of papers and related material from the Beyond the Margins events, will be published in 2011.

For further details on the events and submission of abstracts, contact the organisers: Will Hill at short loans and Dr. Ian Horton at
Deadline for submissions: 1st May 2009

60 One Minutes (SOM) is an open, creative call to action for people around the world to create one minute videos that highlight a cause, initiate action and inspire others to do the same.
SOM is currently supporting World Wildlife Fund's (WWF) Earth Hour. On March 28, 2009 at 8:30 p.m., local time, World Wildlife Fund is asking individuals, businesses, governments and organizations around the world to turn off their lights for one hour -- Earth Hour -- to make a global statement of concern about climate change and to demonstrate their commitment to finding solutions. Turn out. Take action. Because a small change made by many people can make a huge difference in addressing climate change.
SOM is asking for submissions of one minute videos from everyone interested in addressing the negative effect conventional electricity has on climate change. Most electricity is made from burning coal, so every time you power up, coal is burned, CO2 is released and damage is done to the environment. The response had been tremendous but we still need more!
Visit 60 One Minutes to find out more info!
This is a competition supported by Adobe:
· “Financial fools” and “Fossil fools” demonstrations in the main thoroughfares of the City on April 1st. Fossil fuels and Stop the War protests in Westminster and Trafalgar Square. Parades will be forming at Moorgate, Liverpool Street, London Bridge and Cannon Street railway stations at 11.00am and will make their way to the Bank of England for 12 noon.


external image rhubarb.JPG

Check out the new info on current programme - looks excellent!!
22 Newport Street
London SE11 6AY
+44 (0)20 7582 6465
Please call in advance for wheelchair access.

mestizo” bookbinding__
Martha Ramirez will give a short presentation about her PhD research on Thursday 19th february at Wilson Road from 4 pm, room TBC. This opportunity has presented itself this week and therefore is rather short notice. Her research overlaps technical, historical and cultural.aspects of the material concerned.
Martha Elena Romero Ramirez Camberwell College of Arts

Registered: 1st October 2007


Professor Nicholas Pickwoad
Professor oriana Baddeley

Title of Research

Mestizaje in the bookbindings of New Spain

Thesis Statement

The cultural and ideological confrontation between the native peoples of he so called
Imperial Spain gave origin to one of the most important outcomes of the Spanish conquest of America: the
Spaniards initiated indigenous people into he newly interpreted trade of bookbinding in the college and convents. The books that arrived from various European countries during the first years of the conquest served as exemplars for the early development of the indigenous art.
The aims of this research proposal is to apply archaeological methods for the study of the early Mexican-
American bound and printed books of the 16
“New World”and the“mestizaje”. This term refers the union of two races and their respective century, and identify the specific technical, material and structural characteristics that would be stablished as the “mestizo”bookbinding developed by cultures and societies of the New Spain during this century.

Want to make a big impact with your final degree show?

Preparing for your Degree Show (23–27 February) is a week of FREE events and workshops at sites across the university to help you make the most of your exhibition.

Experts from across the University have assembled a series of events and workshops to create a practical guide to putting on your show, promoting yourself and making money.

Hear top tips from industry speakers and graduates who have been there and done it, to help make putting on your show a whole lot easier.

Open to all Arts London students.

Book now for events and workshops including:

• Practical networking skills
• Exhibiting your work online
• Time management
• Making money from your show
• How to protect your work
• One-to-one advice on pricing your work
• How to write a press release
• Self-promotion
• Future careers
• Tips from collectors
• How to keep your audience happy

Go to for more information and to book.


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