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external image Workshop_LETRA%2526MUSICA_posterLondon.jpg

Letra&Música means Lyrics/Letter&Music. “Letra” means lyrics but also letter in portuguese, referring to typography. “Letra e música” is the way we invoke the author of lyrics and music at the same time.
I'm inviting graphic designers and artists to reflect around the theme Designing for the Music Industry. After a brief introduction and discussion it will be given to each participant the same similar base to work on. The “white canvas” is a craft sheet of paper 50x70cms, produced originally as the wrapping paper for the music shop Quebra Orelha (Ear Break), in Portugal. Printed as a background is a simulation of a Google search for images connected with music and ears. Each person will make one or more interventions using various techniques (wood type, drawing, painting, collage, folding, etc). Fell free to bring your own materials. You will have access to wood type, paint, colour paper and more. Digital files can also be provided for computer based work.

This workshop is part of the MA Graphic Design Final Show.
It will take place in the exhibition space.
Camberwell College of Arts, North building, 1st floor, 45-65 Peckham Road, London, SE5 8UF
Please chose from the following dates:
3th September, Saturday, from 12h00 to 5 pm
5th September, Monday, from 11h00 to 4 pm
Limited to 8 people per day. RSVP until 25th August

For more information please contact:

With the support of: Camberwell Letterpress and Quebra Orelha record shop

Siobhan Davies Studios are pleased to invite groups of students and their tutors to come to see ROTOR as part of a group visit in the context of their course.
If tutors want to take up this offer, could they contact us on 020 7091 9650 and quote: “Course Deal” and we will reserve their free__ tickets. This is a group offer only.

Details: Dates until 14 November 2010
Times: Wed-Fri 5-9pm,
Sat-Sun 2-6pm
More information on ROTOR’s website

ROTOR review in The Independent:
Quite the reverse buy research papers experience is to be had at the latest Siobhan Davies project. You go expecting something cerebral. You end up, well, if not having a ball, then most thoughtfully entertained. Having built her own handsome studio space in south London, the choreographer has used it not just to create and show her work, but also to orchestrate conversations with other artists, from potters to poets.
At the hub of Rotor is a piece by Davies based on a line of dancers perambulating round a central spot, like the hand of a clock. The monotony is broken only when they introduce disturbances which create kinks, dodges and swirls. It's a bracingly simple idea, mesmerising to watch, and it's crucial to see it before other works in the gallery. This way you understand the point of reference of, say, engineer Ben Tyers's silver sculpture which turns on its plinth to appear magically liquid, or Clare Twomey's tableful of unglazed pots, silently weeping in a slow collapse as they struggle to contain the water that's poured into them – a startling metaphor for the cycle of life.
by Jenny Gilbert cheap essays online

MA Graphics calendar


A print exploration into energy particle acceleration and The Large Hadron Collider.
Please come and have a look!
Upstairs Corridor @ Wilson Road, Wednesday 28th – 30th April.

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22, 23, 24 March. Three days of workshops curated by MA Graphic
Design open to all students and staff interested in sharing skills
and ideas.
22nd March, Monday - The garden as a three dimensional page
(and BBQ lunch)
Car Park, Wilson Road
10am - 5pm
The college is making plans to turn some of the car park at Wilson
Road into a garden - this is a project that will happen over a long
period of time - but the first stage is to inhabit the space.
This project is the first step towards transforming this space by
initiating some activity.
We will be building highly visible sculptural typography to be seen
from both the school and the street.
Using any found objects, junk and detritus, we will collaborate to
develop a three dimensional visual language, that will make the first
step in transforming the car park into a new environment.
The process will be captured as a film/stop motion animation that
will be shown as part of the film marathon on Wed 24th.
Bring what you can -
Old furniture
String / Rope
Plastic Bags
Barbecue food
To get involved contact Paul:
or Joana:
or just turn up.
23rd March, Tuesday - Open discourse & skill sharing
MA Graphic Design Studio, Wilson Road
10am - 5pm
Swap and share knowledge and skills at an all day exchange of
knowledge and ideas.
Do you have an idea for a project you would like to test outside of
your immediate course context? Have you made a discovery in your
research you would like to discuss with other open minded students?
Have you read a book / article / interview / essay that has radically
changed your thinking? Or maybe you have invented a new way of making
sushi, predicting what number bus is coming next, saving the world,
bringing down capitalism, or even saving it. Come along and mix it up
a bit.
To get involved contact Paul:
or Joana:
or just turn up.
24th March, Wednesday - Film Marathon
10.00am -8.00pm
Wilson Road Lecture Theatre
We’re taking over the lecture theatre for 10 hours of short films,
long films, student animations videos and experimental cinema. Open
for contributions and recommendations. This is a chance to show your
own films in front of an audience and on a nice big screen.
Unless we get too many better suggestions we will also be showing
seminal cult activist leaning films such as: “I am curious yellow” by
Vilgot Sjöman and “La Chinoise” by Jean-Luc Godard.
To show a film contact Paul:

Visual Voices Lecture Series

A fine catch by MA Graphic Design
supported by BA Graphic Design

Wilson Road Lecture Theatre

Everyone welcome!

On the hook:
Weds 10 March 3-5pm Vaughan Oliver

external image VVLS_VaughanOliver_10March.jpg

Weds 17 March 3-5pm Metahaven

external image VVLS_Metahaven_17March.jpg


"Metahaven is one of the most theoretically informed, strategically adept and articulate groups of thinkers operating within graphic design" Rick Poyner, EYE 71, p22.

Metahaven have created a rich variety of research based projects that criticise and investigate notions of globalisation, branding, the idea of Europe. These have included the visual identity for the mini-state, Sealand, situated on a former anti-aircraft tower in the North Sea, a public think tank on the politics of the search engine, numerous essays and exhibitions, books, manifestos, articles and projects that defy easy categorisation. They are a group of designers genuinely at the cutting edge, both in terms of the projects that they initiate themselves and in their response to commissioned with essay

external image Melancholy_pop_invite-A-3.jpg

external image Synesthesia_poster.png

The neurological condition, synesthesia, challenges conventional views about perception. Those who experience it are able
to perceive a richer version of reality, in which certain senses trigger further, otherwise separate, senses. The name synesthesia
literally means 'joined sensation', or 'sensation together', as different senses combine, this seemingly irrational coupling will shape
the 'Eggshell Clangwave Oscillator System Looking Quiet' exhibition.

A synesthete may perceive letters or numbers as inherently coloured, numbers or dates of the year may be perceived as having
a specific location in space or each its own personality, from the mere sight of a motion some synesthetes automatically hear sound.
Through language we are used to associating sound with ideas, and the written word is associated with the sound it represents, but
for the synesthete further involuntary sensations occur, they experience a deeper connection of the senses.

Graphic design at its richest thrives upon layered associations, the alchemy of a concept becoming form, multiplying the resonance
of its meanings, revealing previously unacknowledged connections. A consideration of the highly subjective state of the synesthetic
experience encourages an attempt to further these associations, to confuse and contradict the combinations of the senses. For touch,
taste, smell, sight and hearing to be interconnected is a defiance of the usual view of reality.The relationship between multi-sensory
experiences and creativity could lead to artistic insight - and it is from this departure point that the work of this exhibition is
conceived, a new 'joined sensation'.Buy an essay

MA Book Arts will be exhibiting artists' books in the Common Room at Wilson Hall on Wed. 9 December from 12:30 - 2:00pm for open view. Please join us - all are welcome!

We kindly ask that on this day you do not bring food or drink into the Common Room.__

Trying to rent out our LOVELY DOUBLE ROOM IN PECKHAM HOUSE £370 + BILLS TO SHARE WITH 3 GIRLS AND A LITTLE CAT.Garden, big lounge and dining room, close to BR and buses, good area, close to college. Available 1st Nov. Girls only-sorry.Please get in touch!


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Thanks so much and CONGRATULATIONS!



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