1. We have rearranged some elements of the exhibition purposefully. This is our professional opinion and we recommend that you leave our changes.
2. All business cards should be placed in the shop, not beside your work.
3. Please be available on Monday afternoon in case the External Examiner wishes to speak with you. I will update the wiki with information after I have spoken with him.
4.Please remove supporting work on Tuesday afternoon before the private view.
Well done everyone!


A JOB OPPORTUNITY; please contact me if you are interested (susan)
Dear Susan,
I wrote to you about a year ago asking if you could pass on my request for a studio assistant and you kindly passed me on some names, from which I offered the position to Welmeot. She has just left to pursue her own work after, I think, a very fruitful mutual experience.I would therefore be very grateful if you would do the same this year.I need someone, either part or full time for general studio duties and with skills in photoshop and illustrator and starting in September.The studio is in Chelsea, nearest tube being Fulham Broadway and they should either contact me on this email address or on my mobile: 0795 537 9517my work can be viewed at thanksJack Milroy----
Dear all, Please keep checking the 'show' section of the wiki for updates!
We will be meeting at 11am in the show space at Peckham Road on Wednesday June 30th - please be on time!

An opportunity:::::
Abecedarian Gallery in Denver, Colorado is now accepting entries for Photo Books, an exhibition of artists' books that include photography as a primary element of content. Books may be editioned or unique, sculptural or more traditionally bound.

Entry Deadline August 14, 2010, exhibition dates are September 30 - November 13, 2010. Entry fee is $10 per entry. All entries are to be submitted via digital upload. For more information visit and click on the opportunities for artists link or send an email to

Alicia Bailey, Director, Abecedarian Gallery
910 Santa Fe, Unit #101
Denver, CO 80204
phone: 720.282.4052 or 303.340.2110

keep up with gallery news
Web site:

The hang period can now start at 10am on Tuesday 29th June (changed from 4pm) A health and safety walk round will happen on Monday 12th July with Abigail and either Nat or Tamiko.All health and safety forms must be complete before this time.Student invigilators must give their rotas to the security staff in advance and all rooms should be covered. Including Saturday.The invigilators should be aware of fire alarms and clearing the space they are in at no risk to themselves of people. Remember the 'show time' website where you can upload images and info.


Mark your calendars!! MA Book Arts full timers and second year part timers are showing at Kaleid 27-31 July. All are invited!

Artists' Books at the Royal Academy Summer Show
The summer show at the RA is worth a look as it has artists' books in
the print room for the first time. Some varied and interesting books, not
least because of the work and processes involved, the prices being asked
and the number of red dots. It looks as if two may sell out. See,1192,AR.html

IMPORTANT NOTICE : Due to strike action on Monday 21st of June, REFLECTIVE ESSAYS are now to be handed in to Susan on Tuesday June 22nd
(I will be down in the basement seminar room 10-4)


Please Read! (any questions - contact susan)

please see the example below and fill in a copy of the risk assessment form and hand in to susan on Wednesday June 30th

an example of a 'filled in' risk assessment form

Dear All full-time and part-time year 2 - please bring a rough plan of your exhibition plans
to the seminar next Tuesday June 8th, 11-4pm.
thank you! susan & les



Self Publish, Be Happy Weekend at The Photographers' Gallery

Saturday 5 & Sunday 6 June 2010
The Photographers' Gallery, 16 – 18 Ramillies St, London W1F 7LW
Free Admission
Self Publish, Be Happy Weekend
Self Publish, Be Happy Weekend

Self Publish, Be Happy Weekend at The Photographers’ Gallery is a unique showcase of exceptional contemporary DIY photo books selected by curator and founder of Self Publish, Be Happy, Bruno Ceschel. The weekend long event will offer art book lovers the opportunity to discuss, admire and be inspired by publications originating from around the world. A selection of the books will be for sale in The Photographers’ Gallery Bookshop. Visitors will also be able to meet the authors/publishers in The Photographers’ Gallery first floor Café and Bookshop at various book signings throughout the weekend.
Artist-made books are an age-old tradition but now more than ever, photographers are making their own books, and for many this is a fundamental part of their practice. For Self Publish, Be Happy Weekend at The Photographers’ Gallery, Bruno Ceschel has picked his fifty favourite recently self-published books by both emerging and established artists, from obscure zines xeroxed in student bedrooms to traditionally printed photo books. In a time when the financial crisis is redefining the art world, the DIY ethos is, once again, reconsidered and revalued.
Self Publish, Be Happy Weekend at The Photographers’ Gallery will feature work by: Maxwell Anderson; Morten Andersen; Gerry Badger; Tim Barber; Alexander Binder; Lucas Blalock; Ricardo Cases; Luis Castelo; Joshua Deaner; Charlotte Dumas; Jeremie Egry & Nicolas Poillot; Jason Evans; Sam Falls; Gary Fogelson; Stephen Gill; Sebastien Girard; Terence Hannum; Takiura Hideo; Derek Henderson; Asa Johannesson; Erik Kessels; Alexandra Klein; Sjoerd Knibbeler; Marten Lange; Shane Lavalette; Alastair Levy; Jeff Luker; Aubrey Mayer; Heather McDonough; Alex McTigue; Sophie Morner; Lester B. Morrison; Adam Murray & Robert Parkinson; Asher Penn; Karol Radziszewski; Richard Renaldi; Japp Scheeren; Lina Scheynius; Joachim Schmid; David Schoerner; Anne Schwalbe; Victor Sira; Alec Soth; Morten Spaberg; Esther Teichmann; Katrina Umber; Erik Van Der Wejjde; Jan Von Holleben; Patrick Waugh; Grant Willing; and Ofer Wolberger.
A limited edition catalogue of only 200 has been produced for the event with photographs by Nik Adam, Peter Haynes and Åsa Johannesson and will be available exclusively at The Photographers’ Gallery Bookshop on the weekend.
Self Publish, Be Happy Weekend is curated by Bruno Ceschel and organised in collaboration with The Photographers’ Gallery. Self Publish, Be Happy is an organisation founded by Ceschel in 2010 with the aim to celebrate and promote self published photo books through events, such as fairs, exhibitions and conferences, books and online. Self Publish, Be Happy also organises workshops to help photographers make and publish their own books. For more information visit:
For further information or to request images please contact the Press Office:
Call: Sam Trenerry +44 (0)20 7087 9333 or Email:

Hello all
We had a quick catch up on the Kaleid show yesterday. Erin will fill you in.
I talked to the Printmakers about the SHOP that we share with them.
They had already decided what they want to do in their half of the room.
They will have a long table along one wall (1x4m) for their work and use the wall for work.
We have the other side of the room.
In our discussion yesterday, we had the idea that we could use the chest of drawers from the studio for our shop.
We can use the tops for books and the drawers.
I will suggest to the printmakers that we can use four of these to build a big table in the middle of the room and do a joint shop.
I think the drawers would work perfectly well to hold their prints, and the shop would be nicer overall.
I will ask them this week. My feeling is that it will be a no, but let's see.

I am trying out a spoken score which started as a book at this event on Friday evening in Dalston. It's an experiment. Come along if you like. I also need a couple more people to help me by reading it. It's quite informal so you don't need to be a pro! We'll read it at around 8, the event starts around 7.30 and I would like to run through around 6.30/6.45pm

The place:
Thankyou please

Hello Everyone,
Below are the points discussed at the signage meeting today:
Present in this meeting were Jessica Zoller (Designer Maker), Charlie Allen (Fine Art) and Joana Pereira (Book Arts).

Points of Discussion:


Each member agreed to have extra invitations from each course.
Hannah Fitzgerald suggested to give both invitations (college+course)
for security reasons. It is therefore essential to hand in the invitations
from the college to ensure that only invited people come to the private view.


According to Hannah we should have approximately £300 to £400 to spend
on signage.


The group proposed some ideas, such as wall stencils (I'm not sure if this is
the correct name but basically it is type printed on adhesive paper that can be fixed on the wall).
Use the College star logo as a theme for signage.
The concern of BA show signage was raise. The college has special signage for the BA shows,
which will also be used as permanent college signage for the building. These signs are going to
be fixed on the wall, meaning that it could be confusing having different information and directions.
The signs are roughly 70x50 cm (I am not joking, they're huge!). Having said this, we might need to
create something from the same size to cover it up, this way we avoid conflicting information.
We also came up with the idea of having different colours for each course. So for the map the colours
of the course name will be the same for the exhibition area highlighted on this floor map.

Map of the Show:

Jessica Zoller kindly offered to create the floor plans for the map. These maps will be given at the
entrance of the exhibition. I asked Hannah if we had to include the cost of the printing of the maps
on the budget and we have to do so if we want coulour ones. A B&W photocopier is available but for
that we would have to discard the colour coding idea for the pathways.

We will be meeting at 12:30 in the basement studio on Tuesday, 1 June to discusss the meeting with Victoria Browne and our exhibition at Kaleid Editions. All full timers, please do try to come. thanks. erin

Anna Milsom: ‘Thick’ translation and the multimodal artefact
Wed 26th May
Large Seminar Room
Camberwell College of Arts, Wilson Road, London SE5 8LU

A talk by Anna Milsom (Senior Lecturer in Applied Translation at London Metropolitan University)

In her PhD thesis Anna Milsom approached the use of multimodality in a way which opens up exciting possibilities for the presentation of layered material, not only proposing a challenging solution to the thesis itself, but also suggesting an alternative to a linear presentation of text. Her work will be of great interest to all those engaged in questions regarding ‘what a thesis might look like’ as well as for creative writers/artists.

Professor Paul Coldwell
This talk describes the unexpected route towards multimodality which was taken over the course of my PhD research. The focus of the project was the analysis and translation of folktales by the Cuban ethnographer Lydia Cabrera (1900 – 1991). In all, Cabrera published twenty two books which provide a unique insight into Afro-Cuban religions and customs. Her tales actively embrace hybridity - as narratives they straddle a range of oppositions being both oral and written, singly and multiply authored, ethnographic fact and literary fiction. The complexity of translating such texts into English led to a desire to offer translations which might move beyond the traditional format of a written text in one language standing in the place of a written text in another. Research undertaken in the archive at the University of Miami was pivotal. The archive contains a vast collection of Cabrera’s notes, doodles, photographs and drafts. Slowly, Cabrera herself and the whispered presence of her Afro-Cuban informants became audible, and the idea of presenting multiple layers of text emerged. Drawing on a range of disciplines, an interactive DVD, underpinned by the notion of ‘thick translation’ (Appiah 2000), was developed. This final form of the project aimed to make all the participants involved in Cabrera’s tales visible; the writer, her informants, myself as translator, and the reader as active participant.

For further information, please contact:

Reference: Kwame Anthony Appiah (2000) ‘Thick Translation’ in L. Venuti (Ed.) The Translation Studies Reader. London and New York: Routledge, pp. 417-429.

Talk rescheduled:
Hei Shing Chan's talk is on Wednesday 26 May at 11am in the basement seminar room.

This is a bit short notice, why was it changed today and we are only being told now? I wont be able to make it weds. (George)
Hulk angry (Hulk)

Catalogue, Show and Exhibition meeting
We held a short meeting to talk about the catalogue - we all love the new design but some updates are still needed.
We raised questions for Erin to ask on Saturday. Irena, Evelina and Roland plan to join her and maybe Mario.
We want to have a meeting to talk about the show. We agreed 10am 8 June 2010 at Peckham Road in the canteen.
We will walk up and look at the site during the meeting. Do all try to come. We have to be back at Wilsons for 11am.

We are looking for design assistants for a major project. Zoe Bradley creates bespoke window and instore installations using dramatic and eye catching displays to compliment designer products and brand identity.
We are looking for sewing skills that may work with paper.
TEL/ FAX:0207 241 4218

Artist Talk:

Giulia Zaniol
3.30 pm Small Lecture Theatre at Wilson Road
Weds 26th May

Giulia is a graduate from MA Printmaking at camberwell and will present her practice and developments since college.

Catalogue Meeting minutes 18 May 2010
RB has a quote from the printer of £380 for 500 (well done!)
Joana has got sponsorship for the paper from GF Smith (well done too!)
Both will have logos on the back page.
We chose Colorplan 150 or 130 in natural as our preferred paper.
We need samples of both to see which is the best for folding (RB/JP)
Zen 150 is the fallback
Joana to contact GFSmith to finalise. (1000 SRA1)
The DEADLINE for details and images to be sent to DIO is Sunday 23 May 2010
ON THE CATALOGUE – there will be no chasing.
The image has to be 10 cm x 10 cm at 300 dpi
Erin, Keith and Roland are pursuing sponsorship in exchange for logos on catalogue.
Sponsorship has to be in place by 7 June with artwork for logo provided etc.
We reconfirmed our intention for the catalogue to be free
Dio is doing the artwork and he will choose the colour but as we are printing
CMYK it will not be orange.
Roland is negotiating an additional exhibition at Donilon Bookshop in Bethnal Green.
If agreed we will use the spare square to advertise it.
FINAL Meeting: folding the catalogues and lunch at the pub 6 July 10am studio

​ We will be showing our work at Kaleid 27-31 July. Will need invigilation rota for that as well.

Dear all,
You are invited to attend a drawing workshop within the exhibition 'made to measure'
by Mateo Lopez at the Peckham Road Gallery
Monday June 7th from 2 - 4pm
please bring: scalpel, ruler, wet glue, pencil
12 people only to sign up here:
Pauline Lamont-Fisher
Irena Frantal,
Janine Harrington
George Cullen
Evelina Garliauskiene
Qiongjie Yu
Joana Pereira
Erin K. Schmidt
Christine Pereira-Adams
Veronica Falsen Hiis
Imogen Chester
Marios COnstantinides
Dan Gao
Egidija Ciricaite
Dio Lau

Mateo Lopez's work begins in drawing, but he draws by cutting and transforming the page into sculptural objects.

FT & PT2 We need to hold a meeting Tuesday 18 May 2010 to discuss the catalogue, the show and the press release for
the show.The Press release has to be written, finalised and sent to Rebecca by Friday.
Can we meet at 3.30pm or earlier if everyone is in?

May 19th 1.30 - 2.30pm Ground Floor Seminar Room at Wilson Rd.


Victoria Browne from Kaleid Editions will talk about her extended practice and projects.

Part-timers year 1 research paper briefing sheet

external image bookartstime.gif

hope today 11 05 10 was useful - you brought up some interesting points during the discussion - as promised here is a link to the powerpoint - work towards making the process transparent - keep talking and it will work for everybody

Apologies for not making another catalogue meeting - we are redesigning our website at work and so its been difficult to get time off and come down to Camberwell - let me know the outcomes of the latest discussion and whether I can do something to help...I should be ok from the end of this week to make it in for future metings etc.

Sorry again....see you all soon
Keith ||

please open Timetable for upcoming full and part-time tutorials

Minutes from the catalogue meeting 27 April 2010
Dio showed his design for the catalogue which everyone liked.
We agreed we would use an A3 paper for the catalogue.
We all agreed we liked the triangles.
We liked the textured paper and thought about 200gsm appropriate.
RB to bring in some paper samples to the next meeting.
RB to get quotes from his printer.
Joana to contact GF Smith to see if we can get sponsored or cheap paper.
We agreed a unified colour worked best for the triangles and the same on both sides.
RB to bring pantone books to the next meeting so we can start debating the shade of orange.
Dio to send the AI file to us all so we can fit our artist statements into the space available.
Next Meeting Tuesday 11 May after the seminar with Les.

Exhibition in Basement Studio
As the basement studio is bare we are proposing to hold an exhibition of our work
there on 17 and 18 May – for everyone PT1, PT2 and FT.
With an open invitation to the exhibition. …....

TrAIN Events Summer term 2010

All events free and open to the public, unless stated otherwise | Enquiries to Eva Broer,
TrAIN Research Administrator:
For more information please visit:

TrAIN Open Lecture | Catherine de Zegher | ‘Ana Maria Maiolino’
Wednesday 28 April, 5.15 – 7pm, Lecture Theatre Chelsea College of Art & Design

TrAIN Conference | Afterlives of Monuments | Ticketed event
Thursday 29 April and Friday 30 April all day, Innovation Centre CSM (Red Lion Square)

TrAIN Lecture and Reception | Tapati Guha-Thakurta | ‘The Sanchi Stupa in Colonial India’
Thursday 29 April, 6.30 – 8.30pm, Lethaby Lecture Theatre CSM (Southampton Row)
Ticketed event
TrAIN Open Lecture | Sandra Schaefer | TrAIN/Balmoral Artist in Residence
Wednesday 12 May, 5.15 – 7pm, Lecture Theatre Chelsea College of Art & Design

TrAIN Open Lecture | Dr Noriko Onohara | ‘Street fashion and popular culture in Japan’
Wednesday 19 May, 5.15 -7 pm, Lecture Theatre Chelsea College of Art & Design

TrAIN Conference | The Forgotten Japonisme| Ticketed event
Friday 9 July and Saturday 10 July all day, V&A Museum (Sackler Centre)

Dear All, Rebecca Fortnum will be holding an MA Show meeting for Reps at 2pm on Wednesday May 5th in the basement seminar room.
Reps need to sign up in the wiki under 09-19 show planning with their contact details if they haven't already
(from Susan)

On Wed 28th April at 10AM we are running the last 3D Resource Induction for this Academic Year.
If you have not completed an Induction already and want to use the 3D Workshops this term its important that you attend. We can only accommodate up to a max of 40 students, so places allocated on a first come basis.
*Students cannot use the workshop unless they have completed an induction. This includes final year students building their shows!!!

Many Thanks,
The 3D Resource Team.


A print exploration into energy particle acceleration and The Large Hadron Collider.
Please come and have a look!
Upstairs Corridor @ Wilson Road, Wednesday 28th – 30th April.

Catalogue Meeting reminder

The next meeting is on Tuesday 27 April 2010 after Symposium 2 the basement studio.
Hopefully Dio will have his design to show us and we can agree the catalogue size.

Wednesday May 19th Victoria Browne of Kaleid will be giving a talk in the Ground Floor Seminar room (not basement)
from 1:30 - 2:30pm


We cordially invite you to the opening of the exhibition
Sol LeWitt: Artist’s Books
at Site Gallery, Sheffield on Friday May 7th at 7pm
Also on this day, we will be commencing the LeWitt Wall Drawing # 960 in the main gallery at Site.
If you are planning to attend the conference on Saturday May 8th, you should register by 23rd April - further details attached.
The programme of contemporary music taking place at Site Gallery during May will include a number of new pieces which have been commissioned especially for performance alongside this LeWitt exhibition. The programme will feature some outstanding composers and performers - and will include walk-in 'all day' events. Admission is free to the exhibition and to the music performances.
For more information see
RGAP tel: 07789 338952Site Gallery 1 Brown Street, Sheffield S1 2BS tel +44 (0)114 281 2077----

Please let your students know

Looking at Children’s Books
Monday 26th April 2010, 10.00am – 5.30pm
Cochrane Theatre, Southampton Row, London WC1B 4AP

It’s that time of the year and our Annual Children’s Book Seminar is on Monday of next week! Come join us at the Cochrane Theatre, London. Our full line up of speakers are:

Alexis Deacon – Illustrator
Judith Kerr - Illustrator
Fig Taylor – AOI Portfolio Expert
Val Brathwaite – Design Director, Bloomsbury Children’s Books
Zoe Tucker – Design Manager, Alison Green Books, Scholastic
Penny Holroyde - Literary Agent
John O’Reilly – Writer, Cultural Commentator and Varoom Editor

There are still tickets available so book now at:

All the best,

Becky Brown
Exhibitions and Events
(Office days Wednesday–Friday only)

Association of Illustrators
2nd Floor
Back Building
150 Curtain Road
Tel: 020 7613 4328
Direct Line: 020 7324 7222
email :

All you need to know about the children’s book industry – BOOK NOW!

Varoom Issue 11 out now!

Dear Book Arts

My apologies for the bad communication concerning the basement room show today (21st). I had thoght that a clear communication was made to share and clear the space for a day and should have double checked with you all on the wiki.
So thanks for your last minute clearing of the space and plastic working methods, please enjoy the show/test.

If you wish to join a crit at 3.00 today in the space that would be great.

Kind regards

Finlay (subject leader Printmaking).

Dear all,
The MA Graphic Design Symposium will NOT be taking place on Wed April 21st -
please watch the main wiki space for notice of when/where it will take place-



Dear All
I’m afraid that due to the delay of the film reaching us because of the current air restrictions, we have had to postpone the Typeface Screening event until 19 May, 6.30pm, Main Lecture Theatre, LCC.
For those who have booked already we will keep your booking for this new date unless you email me otherwise.
We apologies for any inconvenience caused and hope that you can make the new date.
external image attachment.ashx?id=RgAAAACwgB6890pbRIT2SI%2fDgsNaBwBSiSUJAML2TIjJXSg1JWACALjgvZRAAABSiSUJAML2TIjJXSg1JWACANinx31XAAAJ&attcnt=1&attid0=EADaRA4RLM26QqoevzLIKxjK
Booking essential, email Kellie Bryson ****

external image futurisingflyer2010.gif----
----A notice for part-time year 1 students-----

external image near_dark.JPG

Minutes from Catalogue meeting 13 4 10
Decisions and progress were made.
We agreed an opening folded paper structure for the catalogue with two segments.
We dropped the poster idea and will use both sides of the paper. Everyone will get one square.
Dio is to develop a design and layout for the catalogue based on the new structure and to bring a
copy to the next meeting.
PLF to refine paper structure and produce a full size version (A3 and A2) for next meeting.
RB to provide template for the information we have to provide and send to everyone by 16/4.
PLF to send group email addresses to RB and MM.
Everyone to send an image to represent their work to Dio for use in his design development by 16/4.
Dio is
Note this is NOT final artwork just a temporary example for his design development.
RB is approaching printers for quotes.
PLF will act as proof reader.
Next meeting 27 April after the Symposium 2.

IMPORTANT NOTICE; the cross-group print and book crit sessions for the morning of April 14th have been cancelled and will be rescheduled for later in the term - (susan & fin)

external image attachment.ashx?id=RgAAAACwgB6890pbRIT2SI%2fDgsNaBwBSiSUJAML2TIjJXSg1JWACALjgvZRAAABSiSUJAML2TIjJXSg1JWACANia1S%2bQAAAJ&attcnt=1&attid0=EAAXP4ebom22TrTSUbhfT1OO
Booking essential, email Kellie Bryson ****
Find us
Kind regards
Kellie Bryson
Communications Administrator
Faculty of Design
London College of Communication
Please join us online at
Become a fan of LCC on facebook
Become a fan of __Talking Graphics__ on facebook

reminder: Paul Coldwell will be talking about his book projects in the ground floor seminar room at 11am tomorrow
April 13th - this is a useful professional practice session.


There will be a meeting on Thursday April 15th at 3:30 in the main hall for all MA students discussing the final exhibition

Artists Publications and the legacy of Sol LeWitt
Sheffield Hallam University and Site Gallery, Sheffield
Saturday 8th May 2010, 10am – 6pm, (registration from 9.15am)
A conference hosted by Sheffield Hallam University in collaboration with the Research Group for Artists Publications (RGAP) and Site Gallery, Sheffield, to explore the relevance and position of artists’ publications in contemporary art practice - focusing particularly on the bookworks of Sol LeWitt, and considering his legacy in terms of artist-publishing now.
Keynote speakers and contributors:
Professor Anne Moeglin-Delcroix, Simon Cutts, Clive Phillpot,
David Bellingham, Elisabeth S Clark, and Philip Thomas

CONFERENCE FEE £55 (£28 concessions)
Fees include full attendance at conference sessions, a visit to Site Gallery to view the exhibition Sol LeWitt: Artist’s Books plus a music performance, lunch, morning and afternoon refreshments, conference literature and delegate pack.
Conference originated and co-ordinated by Chloë Brown, Art and Design Research Centre, Sheffield Hallam University and Martin Rogers, director, RGAP.
The exhibition Sol LeWitt: Artist’s Books has been curated by Giorgio Maffei and Emanuele De Donno
With additional thanks to the Estate of Sol LeWitt and to the Music Department at the University of Huddersfield
To register for the conference, please complete the appended Registration Form and return to by 23rd April.

Catalogue Meeting reminder

The next meeting will be Tuesday 13 April 2010 at 2pm in basement studio.
All to bring samples and ideas along to show everyone

IMPORTANT: everyone please attend.
Part-time Year 2 will lead the peer review session

Paul Coldwells talk on Morandi is on 14th April at 3pm, main lecture theatre

The meeting was held today. The next meeting will be 13 April 2010 at 2pm.
Various paper folds were made and discussed. A favourite was one made by Imogen that requires no glue or cutting.
The poster and layout were discussed. There is concern that the collage idea for the poster may not work.
It was agreed that those that want to will make a mock up of the catalogue in whatever form they think appropriate
and bring it to the meeting April 13. The idea being that we agree a format on 13/4.
In addition everyone should bring something they want to use in the collage to the meeting and we will try to do one.
In the meantime please all email something to Mario which somehow represents you or your work - could be an image,
a word a sentence... Mario is
He will use it to make a drawing for the catalogue for us to look at.
The artwork has to be finished by May 24.
Imogen and George have agreed to do the artwork for us.

Meeting reminder: Tues. 23 March @ 2pm at Wilson Road either student lounge or in the seminar room downstairs to discuss the catalog.

Just a reminder for tomorrow:


This is something I brought back from Leeds. Looks like an interesting ongoing project. More info here
external image JBbibliotherapy1.jpg

external image Workshops.jpg
22, 23, 24 March. Three days of workshops curated by MA Graphic
Design open to all students and staff interested in sharing skills
and ideas.
22nd March, Monday - The garden as a three dimensional page
(and BBQ lunch)
Car Park, Wilson Road
10am - 5pm
The college is making plans to turn some of the car park at Wilson
Road into a garden - this is a project that will happen over a long
period of time - but the first stage is to inhabit the space.
This project is the first step towards transforming this space by
initiating some activity.
We will be building highly visible sculptural typography to be seen
from both the school and the street.
Using any found objects, junk and detritus, we will collaborate to
develop a three dimensional visual language, that will make the first
step in transforming the car park into a new environment.
The process will be captured as a film/stop motion animation that
will be shown as part of the film marathon on Wed 24th.
Bring what you can -
Old furniture
String / Rope
Plastic Bags
Barbecue food
To get involved contact Paul:
or Joana:
or just turn up.
23rd March, Tuesday - Open discourse & skill sharing
MA Graphic Design Studio, Wilson Road
10am - 5pm
Swap and share knowledge and skills at an all day exchange of
knowledge and ideas.
Do you have an idea for a project you would like to test outside of
your immediate course context? Have you made a discovery in your
research you would like to discuss with other open minded students?
Have you read a book / article / interview / essay that has radically
changed your thinking? Or maybe you have invented a new way of making
sushi, predicting what number bus is coming next, saving the world,
bringing down capitalism, or even saving it. Come along and mix it up
a bit.
To get involved contact Paul:
or Joana:
or just turn up.
24th March, Wednesday - Film Marathon
10.00am -8.00pm
Wilson Road Lecture Theatre
We’re taking over the lecture theatre for 10 hours of short films,
long films, student animations videos and experimental cinema. Open
for contributions and recommendations. This is a chance to show your
own films in front of an audience and on a nice big screen.
Unless we get too many better suggestions we will also be showing
seminal cult activist leaning films such as: “I am curious yellow” by
Vilgot Sjöman and “La Chinoise” by Jean-Luc Godard.
To show a film contact Paul:

IMPORTANT: March 23rd Unit 1 assessment guidance:

Dear Susan,
Thank you for agreeing to take part in the Artists’ Book Fair on Sat 22nd & Sun 23rd May. We’ve had a good response, and are really looking forward to the weekend. A full list of participants is below. We’re getting more people enquiring all the time, so there could well be a few more by May.
Setting up
The fair will be open from 11am – 4pm each day, so please make sure you are here in time to set up. The gallery front doors open at 10am, but gallery staff will be here from 9am if you would like to arrive a bit earlier. In this case please make sure you come through the rear entrance of the gallery. Ring the bell and our security staff will let you in.
Most of our tables are approx 160cm wide x 80cm deep, though please be aware you may be allocated something slightly different.
I’m afraid we don’t have wi-fi in the building generally, but do in Costa café. We also have computers with internet access in the Art Library should you need it.
Directions and accommodation
It’s easy to get here; we’re two minutes walk from Walsall train station. Parking isn’t so easy as we don’t have our own car park. As you can imagine Saturday is busy in town, so please do make allowances. If you want to drop books etc off at the door that’s fine, just let me know before so we can make arrangements.

Accommodation is cheap and cheerful in Walsall. The Lyndon House hotel is the nearest hotel to the gallery

Alternatively there’s the County Hotel which is a little bit further out of town

I will send an e-flyer for circulation nearer to the time. If you have any images you would like me to include in the gallery’s website, please do forward them to me asap. We have printed some flyers – please let me know if you would like me to send any to you in the post.

The main exhibition on at the time will be Adam Dant: Dant on Drink. Smaller exhibitions and projects by Sun K Kwak and Matthew Houlding will also be on at that time, as well as continuing activity by Bob & Roberta Smith with our Epstein archive. You can find more details at
Please do let me know if you have any queries in the mean time.
Looking forward to it and meeting you all.
Cheryl Jones
Library and Collections Curator
01922 654464
ABC Artists' book cooperative
AND Publishing
Ania Bas


Café Royal Books
Camberwell College of Arts

David Rule
Eastside Projects
An Endless Supply
Gallery of Owls
Gordon Yapp

Jatinder Kaur Bains
Karoline Rerrie
Kevin Bennett
Ladies of the Press
Mike Clements
P.E.A.R. magazine
Plan 9


Ruth Radcliffe
Serena Korda
Simon Goode
Spike Print Studio
The Centre of Attention
Transition Editions
Unrealised Projects
Via Vaudeville
Walsall College
YH485 Press

hello people!
I am sorry that i briefly put my name for saturday at leeds - it was a mistake, i am working that day. i will hopefully be coming on friday instead, money permitting, if so i will endeavor to meet you at the train station so we can meet and set up together. x, christa.

Visual Voices Lecture Series

A fine catch by MA Graphic Design
supported by BA Graphic Design

Wilson Road Lecture Theatre

Everyone welcome!

On the hook:
Weds 10 March 3-5pm Vaughan Oliver
Weds 17 March 3-5pm Metahaven

external image VVLS_Metahaven_17March.jpg


"Metahaven is one of the most theoretically informed, strategically adept and articulate groups of thinkers operating within graphic design" Rick Poyner, EYE 71, p22.

Metahaven have created a rich variety of research based projects that criticise and investigate notions of globalisation, branding, the idea of Europe. These have included the visual identity for the mini-state, Sealand, situated on a former anti-aircraft tower in the North Sea, a public think tank on the politics of the search engine, numerous essays and exhibitions, books, manifestos, articles and projects that defy easy categorisation. They are a group of designers genuinely at the cutting edge, both in terms of the projects that they initiate themselves and in their response to commissioned work.


Hello I wont be able to make it to the Leeds fair but I would still like to send stuff up, sorry I didn't come to the meeting either. I shall be around all day tomorrow in uni If there is anyone there to talk leeds. :-)


Harald and I are busy working on all things GIAB 2010, and are pleased to announce that the website will go online by the end of this week. If you have not already done so, please send your images and information for the website and catalogue to us. The website will go live regardless of whether we have information and images from everyone.

Also, FRIDAY 12th MARCH is the deadline for informing us if you would like to take part in the day trip that will be on the Sunday 18th April. It should cost no more than £20 per person, but it does depend on numbers. We will be going on a boat trip on Loch Lomond. Family and friends are more than welcome to join us - just let us know numbers.

We will be providing participants with information about the set up arrangements shortly, and will include googlemaps etc to help you

Please find attached a promotional postcard we have produced and will be distributing widely. Please pass this on to people you think may be interested in the event.

We look forward to hearing from you shortly.

Best wishes,




Glasgow International Artists Bookfair

Helen Shaddock: 07845579706
Harald Turek: 07747464401

INVITATION to 1916 Exhibition, Symposium & Private View, 17 – 19 March 2010
The Triangle Space, Chelsea College of Art and Design, CCW, University of the Arts London
16 John Islip Street, Millbank, London SW1P 4JU
You are invited to participate in a Symposium and attend the Private View of an Exhibition of new work by PhD research students at CCW, University of the Arts London.
The Symposium explores the relationships between Memory, Dialogue and Inclusion/Exclusion, alongside the Exhibition, in The Triangle Space, 10am – 4pm, Wednesday 17 March 2010, followed by the Private View from 6-9pm.
The Exhibition continues Thursday and Friday, 18 - 19 March, alongside the program of Ten Artists - Ten Films, a Bohmian Dialogue, and Ten Artists – Ten Writings, a Reading Group.
PhD research students are curating the Exhibition and organizing the Symposium. The program of events, attached, includes presentations by Keynote Speakers influential to our thinking, Guest Artist speakers, a Dialogue Relay, and Plenary Sessions with the speakers and artists.
We hope to see you then,
Emma Somerset Davis and Scott Schwager
RSVP: Laura Lanceley, Research Administrator, e-mail, tel 020 7514 7836

SYMPOSIUM: Wednesday 17 March, 10am - 4pm
The relationships between Memory, Dialogue, and Inclusion / Exclusion
Keynote Speakers:
Professor Stephen Farthing R.A. (Rootstein Hopkins Professor of Drawing)
Dr. Katy Deepwell (Reader in Contemporary Art, Theory and Criticism, UAL)
Guest Artist Speakers:
Katherine Araniello (Artist), Marsha Bradfield (Artist, Curator), James Faure Walker (SCIRIA Reader in Painting with the Computer, CCW Graduate Tutor), Mark Hutchinson (Artist), and Galia Kollectiv (Artist, Pil and Galia Kollectiv)
Dialogue Relay:
David Crawforth (Artist/Curator/Director, Beaconsfield) - David Cross (Artist, Cornford & Cross; Reader, UAL) - Dr. Hayley Newman (Artist; Reader, CCW Graduate Tutor) - Monica Ross (Artist)

1916 EXHIBITION: 17 - 19 March, 9am - 6pm
Elisa Alaluusua, Marsha Bradfield, Gerard Choy, Maria Christoforatou,
Emma Somerset Davis & Mark Metcalfe, Stuart Edmundson,
Ben Fitton, Ope Lori, Kristen Lovelock, microsillons, Scott Schwager
Curated by Emma Somerset Davis and Scott Schwager
The artists request the pleasure of your company at a Private View to celebrate the
Opening of the Exhibition and completion of the Symposium.
PRIVATE VIEW: Wednesday 17 March, 6 - 9pm

EVENTS 17 - 19 March
Thursday and Friday 18 – 19 March, 10am onwards: Ten Artists - Ten Films
Thursday 18 March, 1pm: Bohmian Dialogue facilitated by Marsha Bradfield and Scott Schwager
Friday 19 March, 1pm: Ten Artists – Ten Writings, Reading Group with Emma Somerset Davis

Dear Susan
I work in the University press office and have been contacted by Crafts magazine ( ), who are putting together a piece on degree shows for their May/June issue.
The editor, Teleri Lloyd-Jones would like images of work by graduating craft/design students for a section showcasing the best and most interesting work of this year.
I would be grateful if you could send email me details of any students you would recommend or hi res images of students work (hi res 300dpi). The student would be credited, as well as their course and College/University so please do include these details too. Alternatively, please feel free to forward this email to your graduating students and they can contact me directly.
This is a great opportunity to promote your students, your course, the degree shows and the University.
The deadline is Thursday 18th March.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Kindest regards
Zoë Ellsmore
Press Assistant
University of the Arts London
272 High Holborn
London WC1V 7EY
0207 514 6094

Dear colleagues you are invited to a small group crit. session on Thurs 25th March in the basement studio. We will each bring a piece of work in progress and use the group to discuss our work. The point is to a) actually see each others' work, b) seek any specific advice etc about a project c) forge a group dialogue.... 2pm until we go to the pub. We think this is important!

Come on team Bookarts!!Dig deep.


Janine and Irena

yep :-)

Wednesday 3rd March, 7pm – 8.30pm
A short course on concepts of artists’ publicationsTalk starts 7.10pmFee £2.50 per talk, pay on the night
  1. 4: ART WRITING with guest speaker FIONA BANNER.


Next session
Wednesday 17th March: Will Holder


X marks the Bökship/ Donlon Books
210 / 3, Cambridge Heath RoadLondon E9 5NQhttp://bokship.wordpress.com

=Artist Talk Tracy Allen and Ruth Marquez Tracy and Ruth who are both recent Camberwell MA graduates will talk about their practice and projects post college and how it all started. Work includes performance, collaborative projects and exhibitions in toilets! Thursday 4th March, Wilson Rd - 1.30 - 2.30 Main Lecture Theatre.

There will be a meeting at 2pm 16 March in the basement studio to discuss the catalog. Everyone should attend.

We should reach an agreement on how the catalog will look like. Please come, so that everyone's opinion is heard .

I'm out of the country the week of this meeting. Apologies. Janine
It's OK. Catalog meeting is for those who graduate this year.

​hello , everyone:

for the Glasgow book fair, each one should hand in one image as soon as possible.

please send me by e-mail before 26th Feb.

my e-mail :



There will be a meeting at 2pm 1 March in the basement studio to discuss Leeds and the catalog. Everyone should attend.

====== ======
FE, Third Year BA & MA Students will again this year, be able to loan Data Projectors or TV’s and/ or DVD Players from the CLS for on-site Degree Show purposes.
Those wishing to loan equipment for use during their assessment/ show must register their interest at the CLS no later than Friday 30th April 2010. As initial demand is always greater than supply, available equipment will be allocated on a ‘lottery’ basis. Results of the draw will be available from the CLS on Tuesday 4th May.
This year we will be charging a flat-rate hire fee of £20 on data projectors, mainly to cover the rising cost of replacement bulbs (currently £165+ each!). As it has also been our experience that students frequently book items ‘just in-case’ and then they don't bother to collect or cancel their booking which disadvantages other students, the fee also encourages Users to think twice before booking unnecessarily which in turn, makes equipment available to others who really do need it. The fee is payable by Friday 7th May 2010.
Students who have not paid their fees by this date will forfeit their booking and the equipment will be offered to the next ‘lottery’ entrant and so on.
It is interesting to note that in past years, the CLS has had enough equipment to supply all those who were intent on using a data projector as part of their final show.
Due the high risk of damage/ theft during the show period and for year-end administrative reasons, we do not loan other items of equipment for assessment/ show purposes.

Visual Voices Lecture Series

A fine catch by MA Graphic Design
supported by BA Graphic Design

Wilson Road Lecture Theatre

Everyone welcome!

Next guest
Tuesday 2 March 11.00 Brave New Alps

On the hook:
Weds 10 March 3-5pm Vaughan Oliver
Weds 17 March 3-5pm Metahaven
external image VVLS_BraveNewAlps_2March.jpg

MA Book Arts

I think it is 3-5000 words including bibliography..
​If you look at the Research Paper Brief sheet or document posted in Course Docs you will see that it is the main body of text that must be 3000-5000 words. The bibliography, abstract, title sheet, etc are additional to that.

Anyone know if there is a type size we have to use for our essay? and if it has to be double spacing?


I believe it's 12pt and double-spaced but I'm not sure. Do we need to include word count and is it including or excluding bibliography? Thank you

There will be a meeting at 2pm 1 March in the basement studio to discuss Leeds and the catalog. Everyone should attend.

I can't come to this until about 5pm as I'm working but I'll happily meet anyone who is able to pass on the info...Janine

Just a reminder to keep checking the timetable (first one you come to, as you scroll down..)
best, susan

(formerly W A L L) is pleased to present
Small population – massive art scene: contemporary art in Iceland is direct and distinctive.

STRIPPED AWAY presents the work of three contemporary Icelandic artists
Birgir Snæbjörn Birgisson
Helgi Hjaltalín Eyjolfsson
Helgi Thorgils Fridjónsson

PRIVATE VIEW Thursday 25 February 6.30pm – 8.30pm
242 Cambridge Heath Road, London E2 9DA

STRIPPED AWAY is being opened by His Excellency the Ambassador
to London, Benedikt Jónsson.

Birgisson, Eyjolfsson and Fridjónsson are three of the four artists in WISTFUL MEMORY,
an exhibition at the National Gallery of Iceland in Reykjavík that opens on March 13 and
subsequently tours to the US.

24 February – 14 March
Open Wednesday to Sunday, 11am – 6pm

Tube: Bethnal Green Mainline: Cambridge Heath
020 7503 9642
external image attachment.ashx?id=RgAAAACwgB6890pbRIT2SI%2fDgsNaBwBSiSUJAML2TIjJXSg1JWACALjgvZRAAABSiSUJAML2TIjJXSg1JWACANiZ90%2btAAAJ&attcnt=1&attid0=EAB3FSBtg2oNSKz5G9oN4Llq

MA Visual Arts

Visual Voices Lecture Series

A fine catch by MA Graphic Design
supported by BA Graphic Design

Wilson Road Lecture Theatre

Everyone welcome!

First guest
Tuesday 16 February 5pm Jonathan Barnbrook

On the hook:
Tuesday 2 March 11.00 Brave New Alps
Weds 10 March 3-5pm Vaughan Oliver
Weds 17 March 3-5pm Metahaven
external image VVLS_JonathanBarnbrook_16Feb.jpg

__Jonathan Barnbrook and his studio have been active since 1990,
working across a broad range of disciplines including graphic design,
industrial design, typeface design and film.
The studio divides its time between commercial work on an
international basis for museums and cultural institutions and non-
commercial projects. One of Barnbrook Design's most visible forms of
activity is in the world of typeface design where they have extended
a socio-political view to this often quietly traditional world.
Non-commercial collaborations include art directing and producing
work with 'Adbusters' the leading activist magazine. In Britain,
Barnbrook Design has become very well known as a result of
collaboration with major figures in the British art scenes such as
The Saatchi Gallery and Damien Hirst.__

Dear colleagues, if any of you have pieces of 35mm film that they don't know what to do with, please can i have them?:), for book purposes, of course. Just leave it on my desk in the studio :)

Thank you- Irena.


Hello, got this message from the RCA forum that I've been working with... maybe someone can help him? I don't really know too much about binding.....:


I am learning about the layout and production of books,
binding types, printing methods, theories et. cetera.

can anyone spare some time for a chat over a coffee?



design products uk

Hi there just a quick note to point out some workshops coming up.
Sign up sheets are, as always, at the bottom of the stone stairwell next to letterpress.

8th Feb 14:00-16:00
Black and White Toning Techniques

This shows how to introduce colour toning into B&W prints.
It looks at the range of possibilities including sepia and blue toning.
Chemistry is provided you just have to bring a selection of B&W prints ready to be toned.

12/2/2010 10:30-12:30
The Zone System Revisited

This workshop looks at exposure in the digital age, it concerns dynamic range and how the ideas within the Zone System relate to the modern technologies.

12/2/2010 14:00 16:00
Intro to Studio Flash

This workshop shows how to safely operate flash units and looks at metering and some basic set ups. A basic grasp of exposure is required for this workshop.

15/2/2010 10:30-12:30
Salt Printing

This workshop explores this printing process from the dawn of the medium.
Invented by Henry Fox Talbot in 1835.
The process is demonstrated and types of negative discussed.

Dear all, (from Maria Fusco)

Hope you can make the final Living Clay event during my role as Writer-in-Residence at the Whitechapel . Details here -

Living Clay with F.R. David at Whitechapel Gallery
Thursday 11 February, 7pm
free but booking essential

The final bi-monthly reading event about art writing as a meeting place for deduction, disagreement and debate. This event is co-hosted by Maria Fusco with Will Holder, Editor, F.R.DAVID, a journal which focuses on the status of writing in contemporary art, as a mode that exists alongside or in service of the visual.

Apologies for any cross-postings!

I am Writer-in-Residence at Whitechapel Gallery

Issue 4 of The Happy Hypocrite, themed A Rather Large Weapon, is now available. Issue 3 has been nominated for the Design Museum’s Brit Insurance Designs of the Year awards.

Dear all,
Please see the letter below:
and i hope we can collect all of images from you at the end of this month , then i will send to them.


website and catalogue information please
Dear GIAB 2010 participants,

We are currently constructing the 2010 website, which we aim to have up and running at the end of this month.

Therefore we need some information from all of you. This can be text and/or images, weblinks, contact details [if you'd like],... relating to your artists books, your artistic practice, etc..

Have a look at the 2008 website to get an idea of what people gave us then:

As we are also making a catalogue for the 2010 event, it would be good if you could provide us with images of approx. 10x15cm @ 300dpi. The catalogue will be in greyscale, something to keep in mind when choosing images... - just email us the images and text, we will resize them for the web and for print.

The information for the website will be used for the catalogue too [space permitting...].

Those of you who participated in 2008 - we can use your existing information, if you wish.

We look forward to receiving your information.

best wishes

Helen & Harald



Glasgow International Artists Bookfair

Helen Shaddock: 07845579706
Harald Turek: 07747464401

Digital Media Recource Centre is running an additional Introduction to Illustrator workshop on Monday the 8th February 2010, 10am-12pm.

Do not sign up just turn up!

Dear All, Please can you notify your students that John Keane's talk PAINTING IS HISTORY is now at 3.45pm in the SMALL LECTURE THEATRE on Wednesday 3rd February. ALL WELCOME!----

Dear all,
Please see the letter below-
and let me know if any of you would be interested in this opportunity!
Dear Susan,

The New Art Gallery Walsall will be hosting its first Artists’ Publishing Fair on Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 May 2010, 11am – 4pm.

We would like to invite your staff and students to hold a stall at the fair, which will be free of charge. The Gallery will not take commission for sales made during the fair.

There are currently no major fairs of this type in the West Midlands, so we hope it will be a well-attended event, giving artists an opportunity to present and sell their works, and meet others in similar fields from around the UKand Europe.

Please get in touch if you would like any more information about the event, and do pass the invite onto colleagues who might be interested.

We will need to know if you will be attending by Friday 12 March 2010.

Best wishes,
Cheryl Jones
Libraryand Collections Supervisor
The New ArtGalleryWalsall
Gallery Square
Walsall WS2 8LG

Tel: ++44 (0) 1922 654464
Fax: ++44 (0) 1922 654401

FULL-TIME GROUP: External Examiner's Interim visit Monday February 1st:
Please have your work set up by 10:30
This should include:
a copy of your project proposal,
your midpoint review paperwork,
3 books/works that your curate from the practical work done so far,
your research journal

We are using both studios and sharing the space with printmakers. 6 people need to set up in the basement and 5 people
upstairs in room 113
The Examiner Chris Taylor, will meet with you all as a group at 2:00 - 2:30. (I will let you know in which stdio on the day)

updated January 26th, 2010

KALEID is delighted to announce an exhibition of artists’ books by Jonathan Ward and the launch of KALEID editions’ latest publication Little wonder...

external image clear.gif
Little Wonder ...
3-28 February 2010

Ward’s artists’ books display playful ingenuity, sensual textures and intimate scale. The exhibition draws together scattered milestones from boyhood to adulthood, laying bare the common mortifications of youth so excruciatingly private but so utterly universal.

Little wonder... pays homage to the Brooke Bond Tea Card albums of the 1950s and ‘60s, replacing the collector cards on birds or motors with a series of artists’ books accompanied by Ward’s poignant moments and personal admissions.

Little wonder ...
A series of thirty cards of discontinuities, personal schisms and varying timescales. Designed by Jonathan Ward and published by KALEID editions. A limited edition of five hundred silkscreen and digital printed collector albums accompanied with a selection of laser cut tea cards. To complete the set if thirty, the final cards will be posted to each collector by Royal Mail in tandem with Ward’s future publications.

The exhibition will also feature artists’ books by Yvonne Bucheim, Chris Hill, Rob Hunter, Dawn Mason, Jonathan McNaught and Ben Newman.



Good Wives and Warriors
Cutup Image Generation, Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th February 2010

To celebrate the launch of their first publication Talking About My Spontaneous Generation, Becky Bolton and Louise Chappell will paint an elaborate wall mural outside KALEID project space. Passers-by will be invited to select words from Origin of Life by Alexander Ivanovich Oparin (1924) to generate imagery for the mural.


KALEID hosts FREE drop-in artists’ books workshops facilitated by exhibiting or visiting artists. Read more...

KALEID is a project space and gallery for which selected artists are invited to show diverse work, creating an artist’s book or publication as an extension of their practice.

KALEID editions is a publisher of contemporary artists’ books. Established 2009.

For more information and images contact Victoria Browne at the gallery:

KALEID editions
artists who do books

Unit 2, 23-25 Redchurch Street,
Shoreditch, London. E2 7DJ

Wednesday to Saturday, 12-7pm
Late night Thursdays and Drop-in Sundays

Telephone: 44 (0)7870 173 524

Nearest Underground
Liverpool Street Station (The Hammersmith and City, Circle, Central and Metropolitan Lines)
Old Street Station (The Northern Line)

Dear Full-time group,
I have emailed you each brief midpoint review feedback responses. (let me know if you didn't receive it)
I am happy to do short individual sessions talking about your essays, please book times with me a week in advance (I check emails monday - wednesday midday). Bring along your abstract and a bullet-point outline of your argument.
best wishes, susan
ps the glass cases at the entrance of Wilson's need refreshing - anyone who would like to do a display just let me know!

Please note the workshops below.
Sign up sheets are available at bottom of stone staircase 2 weeks in advance.
Some workshops require you to supply some materials for them.
For the pinhole workshop we will supply materials and you will be required to purchase a materials card from finance for £5 to cover this.

Also now available on the Camberwell Resource Centre Blackboard site (under Photography) a video tutorial in copying artwork with a digital camera.
It features me and is my first go at this so please be kind :-)

Richard E Smith



B&W Dev

Intro to studio


B&W Print

Exposure Control


Intro to Lightroom
Library talk



Salt Printing

Intro to Large


B&W Printing
with Fibre based paper

Colour Management


Intro to Large



Intro to studio flash

B&W Dev

Advanced Pinhole

Digital Capture talk


B&W Print



Toning B&W

The Zone system


Intro Studio flash

Writers in Conversation: Michael Newman with Janice Kerbel & Ian Kiaer
Whitechapel Gallery, Sunday 24 January, 3pm

Professor of Art Writing, Goldsmiths, and Associate Professor in Art History, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Michael Newman invites artists Janice Kerbel and Ian Kiaer to discuss the materiality of writing, and the voice in art and architecture. Considering the use of writing to inform objects and materials, this conversation approaches the installation as a form of writing or spacing.

Writers in Conversation is a series of events co-organised by Maria Fusco, Writer in Residence. In association with MFA Art Writing, Goldsmiths, University of London.

For more details and to book a ticket, visit:

Speaking Out
The Spoken Word in Artistic Practice
Saturday 6 February 2010, 10.30–17.30
This symposium focuses on the use of the spoken word in artistic practice and its manifestations in sonic and audiovisual art works. Taking the lead from the recently published anthology of works Playing with Words: The Spoken Word in Artistic Practice, this event encompasses performances, talks and conversations by artists and researchers who employ spoken words as their material and inspiration.
Contributors include Tomomi Adachi, Caroline Bergvall, David Toop, Imogen Stidworthy, Brandon LaBelle, Oswaldo Macià, Dani Gal, Nye Parry, Inua 'Phaze' Ellams, Cathy Lane and Trevor Wishart.

Tate Modern, Starr Auditorium
£25 (£15 concessions), booking recommended
For tickets **book online**
or call 020 7887 8888.


Curious: the craft of microscopy
An exhibition by Susanna Edwards
Tuesday 16 February-Saturday 3 July
Qvist Gallery, Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5pm
Free and open to all

Six years ago artist Susanna Edwards happened upon a collection of Victorian microscopic slides in a second-hand shop. Intrigued by the creativity and dexterity involved in making these delicate objects, she began to research the history of microscopy. Her exhibition traces her project, exploring microscopy as craft and technology, art and science. Through stunning photography, her exhibition reveals the way in which developments in microscopy have changed the way we see the world.

Supported by the Royal Microscopical Society, the Arts Council, London, and the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.
The Hunterian Museum
Royal College of Surgeons of England
35-43 Lincoln’s Inn Fields
Open: Tues-Sat, 10am-5pm
Free Admission
Nearest tube: Holborn
T: 020 7869 6560


X marks the Bökship invites you to attend:

A short course on concepts of artists’ publications
Start date: Wednesday 20th January, 7pm – 8.30pmTalk starts 7.10pm Fee £2.50 per talk, pay on the night

  1. 1: THE ARCHIVE, Introduced by Eleanor with guest speaker James Hoff from Primary Information

Wednesday 3rd February, # 2: PHOTOBOOKS. Guest speaker Stephen GillWednesday 17th February, # 3: ART WRITING. Guest speaker Fiona BannerWednesday 3rd March, # 4: THE PAGE. Guest speaker David CampanyWednesday 17th March, # 5: TEXT AND LABOUR. Guest speaker Will HolderWednesday 31st March, # 6: Eva WeinmayrWednesday 14th April, # 7: APPROPRIATION. Guest speaker Michalis Pichler
… to be continued
The order and subjects of these speakers is subject to change. An email will be sent out a week before each session with details of the next talk.


X marks the Bökship Donlon Books210 / 3, Cambridge Heath RoadLondon E9 5NQ

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external image Synesthesia_poster.png
external image Synesthesia_poster.png

We would like to invite all MA students to exhibit in the above forth coming exhibition
If you are interested in getting involved please email asap Marcus or Joana
Hope to hear from you

The neurological condition, synesthesia, challenges conventional views about perception. Those who experience it are able to perceive a richer version of reality, in which certain senses trigger further, otherwise separate, senses. The name synesthesia literally means 'joined sensation', or 'sensation together', as different senses combine, this seemingly irrational coupling will shape the 'Eggshell Clangwave Oscillator System Looking Quiet' exhibition.

A synesthete may perceive letters or numbers as inherently coloured, numbers or dates of the year may be perceived as having a specific location in space or each its own personality, from the mere sight of a motion some synesthetes automatically hear sound. Through language we are used to associating sound with ideas, and the written word is associated with the sound it represents, but for the synesthete further involuntary sensations occur, they experience a deeper connection of the senses.

Graphic design at its richest thrives upon layered associations, the alchemy of a concept becoming form, multiplying the resonance of its meanings, revealing previously unacknowledged connections. A consideration of the highly subjective state of the synesthetic experience encourages an attempt to further these associations, to confuse and contradict the combinations of the senses. For touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing to be interconnected is a defiance of the usual view of reality.The relationship between multi-sensory experiences and creativity could lead to artistic insight - and it is from this departure point that the work of this exhibition is conceived, a new 'joined sensation'.

finally updated timetable
please note changes....

part-timers year 1&2 tutorial timetable

As part of our partnership with Cape Farewell*, staff and students from CCW have been asked to participate in SHIFT festival at the Southbank Centre, 30th January 2010.
SHIFT festival (Tuesday 26th – Sunday 31st January 2010) provides a moment for contemplating change – the colossal change that is happening to our planet, and the changes in our behaviour that can help to stop it. Cape Farewell and Southbank Centre have put together a programme of work that will stimulate and challenge audiences and will provoke creative responses.

This programme includes ‘Expeditions by the Dollis Brook Route’ with staff and students from Camberwell, Chelsea and Wimbledon participating in three walks, one from each college, which will then converge on the Southbank Centre, where groups will curate a spontaneous exhibition based on their experience.
The project is based on the notion of travel for travel sake is becoming a difficult activity to justify. In the spring of 1790, Xavier de Maistre, confined to his room under house arrest, embarked upon a voyage around his bedroom, a trip every bit as arduous as that of Magellan and Cook. The result was “A Journey Around My Bedroom” followed by the equally adventurous “A Nocturnal Investigation Around My Room”. The walks intend to explore the familiar and discover unexpected aspects of our local surroundings, transforming our experience of the everyday life and replacing our mundane existence with an appreciation of the marvellous.
David Cross, Reader, Course Director, MA Graphic Design (Camberwell) will lead the walk from Camberwell. Chris Wainwright, Head of Colleges, CCW, will lead the walk from Chelsea. Nick Edwards, Cape Farewell Artist will lead the walk from Wimbledon.
If you would like to participate in this project, then please attend one of the three briefing sessions below, or contact Kate Sedwell
Camberwell: Wednesday 13th Jan: 4pm: Wilsons Road: Main Lecture Theatre
Chelsea: Wednesday 13th Jan: 1pm: Millbank: Red Room
Wimbledon: Tuesday 12th Jan: 1pm: Canteen/ SU space
More information on Cape Farewell:
More information on SHIFT Festival:

Private View: Tuesday 5th January 2010 6-9pm
KALEID is delighted to announce an exhibition of new work by artists Louise Bristow and Owen Bullett. The artists working from very different starting points move towards an unravelling of the 3-dimensional and the instantiation of sculptural artists’ books.

external image clear.gif

Platonic, 6-31 January 2010
Bristow has taken geometric rationalisation one step further. Each of her arrangements is overlaid and cut with a Euclidean net and offers instructions to fold and stick. Once assembled, each page is transformed into one of the five Platonic Solids: tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, dodecahedron and icosahedron.

external image clear.gif

A Line of Thought, 6-31 January 2010
Bullett’s sculptures and maquettes offer a Möbius-like play on planes as their twists and convolutions serve to defy gravity whilst confusing a clear definition of boundaries. The sequential nature and its analogy with the book form the basis for A Line of Thought whose narrative offers no specific beginning or end, defined instead by an investigation of the mechanical workings of the tome and the reading of a physical story.

NEW Drop-in Workshops
KALEID hosts free drop-in artists’ books workshops facilitated by exhibiting and visiting artists.

Platonic Artists’ Books, Sunday 17th January 2010 1-5pm
Join Louise Bristow to create your own artists book formed from platonic shapes from found printed matter to collage, cutout, fold and stick.

Handview, Sunday 31st January 2010 1-5pm
Join Anak to contribute to an upcoming small press publication. Anak will be on-hand to photograph your impromptu performance pieces for Handview, an archive of gestural visual opinions from people all over the world.

For more information and images contact Katharine Fry at the gallery:

KALEID editions
artists who do books

Unit 2, 23-25 Redchurch St,
Shoreditch, London. E2 7DJ

Wednesday to Saturday, 12-7pm
Late night Thursdays and informal Sundays
Telephone: 44 (0)7870 173 524

Nearest Underground
Liverpool Street Station (The Hammersmith and City, Circle, Central and Metropolitan Lines)
Old Street Station (The Northern Line)

To unsubscribe from 'LAUNCH Invites' please email with the subject line "Unsubscribe"

invites you to SUPPORT STRUCTURES in dialogue with Displayer 03
A double book launch with interventions, screenings, performances and conversations hosted by Céline Condorelli and Doreen Mende
Wednesday 16 December, 7pm
external image attachment.ashx?id=RgAAAACwgB6890pbRIT2SI%2fDgsNaBwBSiSUJAML2TIjJXSg1JWACALjgvZRAAABSiSUJAML2TIjJXSg1JWACANVyP0I1AAAJ&attcnt=1&attid0=EABFEXMwIqq3SZa0HFO%2bWlmsexternal image attachment.ashx?id=RgAAAACwgB6890pbRIT2SI%2fDgsNaBwBSiSUJAML2TIjJXSg1JWACALjgvZRAAABSiSUJAML2TIjJXSg1JWACANVyP0I1AAAJ&attcnt=1&attid0=EACTkIA%2bxeMDSIN8RkCGqrKW
The two publication projects SUPPORT STRUCTURES and Displayer 03 were made independently, and under different conditions – the first out of a self-organized initiative, and the second within the framework of an art academy – but emerged from similar concerns, starting from the re-politicisation of the cultural sphere and how it is conditioned by its modes of display. Both publications were born out of the realization that certain vocabularies were missing or absent, and to re-invent new ones in response. This event will explore possibilities for thinking through supporting structures and modes of display, towards the production of space as a form of exhibition practice and as a permanent, collective construction site.
The evening will host a dialogue between Céline Condorelli and Doreen Mende, performed through both publications and interrupted by various contributions including: Martin Beck’s video work About the Relative Size of Things in the Universe, a filmed Displayer by Filipa César, and the 10th anniversary 2nd edition set of Fluffers by Flatpack 001 (Mark and Stephen Beasley). 23 packs of the Fluffers II cards will be hidden upstairs at The Showroom, for visitors to find and keep.
Please go to,128 to find out more about the publications and the event.

Ruth Buchanan: SEVERAL ATTENTIONS – LYING FREELY PART III continues until 16 January 2010
Opening Hours: Wednesday – Saturday, 12-6pmThe Showroom will be closed from 24 December 2009, reopening on 6 January 2010
THE SHOWROOM63 Penfold StreetLondon NW8 8PQ +44 (0)20 7724

Launching a new issue of How2 journal...

Don't forget we will be exhibiting and discussing our Writing Workshop books on Wed 9 dec. in the Common Room. I will be there to set up at 10am. We will have the opportunity to discuss the books as a group between 11 and 12:30 after our mid point review briefing downstairs. From 12:30 - 2pm the room will be open to anyone who wishes to view our work. We will need to take down the work just before 2pm.

Also I put this on all of the otherMA wiki pages:
MA Book Arts will be exhibiting artists' books in the Common Room at Wilson Hall on Wed. 9 December from 12:30 - 2:00pm for open view. Please join us - all are welcome!

We kindly ask that on this day you do not bring food or drink into the Common Room.

Bookings are now being taken for GIAB 2010.

GIAB 2010 will take place on Friday 16th & Saturday 17th April 2010 and will be open to the public between 11am and 6pm on both days .
The event will be held in the Exhibition Hall at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, located in the heart of Glasgow.
GIAB coincides with Gi - the Glasgow International festival of contemporary Visual Art, which attracts thousands of visitors to the city.
The booking fee for both days is only £65 (or £95 plus return postage for those who are unable to attend).
Once again we will produce a catalogue to accompany the event and a website. We also intend to organise workshops that will take place on both days.
The deadline for booking a table is Monday December 14th 2009.

For more information please email:

or visit:

Janine x

personally, i think we can book one table or two (i m not sure) for our all ma book arts students, but which depend on who interested in . and we can share the booking fee.
anyone want to attend GIAB book fair , please let me know as soon as possible,before 7th december 2009, at the end i can book for you.
my e-mail:


Dear All,
The Tate library special collections (Tate Britain) visit will be on Friday January 8th at 11am, and the V&A National Art Library
visit will be on Monday January 11th at 2pm. Could you email me requests for books you would like to see (esp for your research papers-)
by December 8th.
many thanks Susan

Subject: Student Access 14-18 December 2009

Natalie has asked me to inform you that she has granted access to the buildings for MA students during the week 14 - 18 December. All students accessing the buildings will be advised to sign in and out during that week so that in the event of an evacuation we have a log of which students are in the buildings. Regards, Sasha PA to Natalie Brett (Dean) Camberwell College of Arts----

Hi! It might be nice (and useful), if people signed their names at the end of the message :-)

hello, everyone:

i think Christa took a mistake about the time. the group "material of the book" , the time is start at 11:00-12:30. not in the afternoon.

everyone should know that! and come at 11:00am!!!please!

Girls and Boys , do you remember when we said that if there is interest in book making we should arrange a meeting, where people could show there expertise and the rest could ask for guidance in specific book making methods.
Well what do you say about Wednesday 25th at 11:30-12:30

PLEASE NOTE: Tuesday 24th MORNING embedded book seminar has been rescheduled due to illness to be Wenesday morning December 2nd at 11am.. The afternoon seminar 'Materials of the Book' will start at 2pm.

hello, the embedded book seminar in the morning has been postponed until the 2nd of december 11-12.30 because i am unwell.
the afternoon one is still on, ta, christa

renowned artist Sam Winston will be giving a lecture about his practice on Friday 4 December at 5pm, in the main Lecture Theatre at Wilson Road.

"Sam Winston is a story-teller, sculptor and print maker, who generates alternative meanings from the given fundamental blocks of communication, such as traditional fairy tales and language definition. He operates on verbal sequences through an ever inventive series of actions to take meaning in a different, visual and formal direction." — Marina Warner

I recommend Sam's website:

The following FREE courses will run for 3 days, from 14th-16th December:

  • FE English Writing Skills Course – for students at Foundation, Portfolio, Access level (9:30-1:00pm)
  • HE Academic Essay Writing Course – for students at FdA, Undergraduate or Postgraduate level (9:30-1:00pm)
  • HE Report Writing Course – for students at FdA, Undergraduate or Postgraduate level (9:30-1:00pm)
  • HE Reflective Writing Course – for students at FdA, Undergraduate or Postgraduate level (9:30-1:00pm)
  • Professional Communication Writing Course – for students at FdA, Undergraduate or Postgraduate level (2:00-5:30pm)
  • Speaking About Your Work Course – all levels (2:00-5:30pm)
  • Discussing in Groups Course – all levels (2:00-5:30pm)
  • Speaking for an Audience Course – all levels (2:00-5:30pm)
For more information please visit the English Language Support Blackboard page and follow the link to "Intensive Courses December 2009" on the Intensive Courses announcement.
To register for these FREE courses please come to the Language Centre Reception (open 9am – 5pm) before Monday 7th December.
All EU and International students are welcome!

Dec 9 Book Show.
A big thanks to Pauline for getting the ball rolling and reserving the Student Common Room for a book show! Anyone interested in showing their books they made for Redell's writing workshops in the Student Common Room Dec. 9 please send me an email with your name and book title(s). You can choose to show one or both, or maybe something else you've made. I have a planchest drawer in the studio with my name on it. Please leave your books there or give them to me no later than Monday Dec 7.

Thank you. Erin.

This is the website that we were using during the embedded book seminar on Tuesday.

also thought this might be of interest to some people:

Crossing Borders 2009
24th November 7- 8:30pm
Ruth Little (Dramaturg) with Siobhan Davies (Choreographer) - The Science of Complex Living Systems and Live Performance
‘…As a dramaturg, I’m interested in the interplay between movement and meaning, and in the dynamic structures that underlie all of our encounters with one another and the world. My work looks at the relationship between order and disorder, chaos and equilibrium, changing scales, the behaviour of disturbed systems and the creation and rearrangement of patterns of language and movement in live performance.’ Ruth Little

85 St Georges Rd, Elephant and Castle.
Tickets: Full Price: £5 each /£20 for whole series Concessions | Freelance dance artists: £3 / £15 for whole series.

Janine x

I have just put a notice on the MA Wiki front page booking the Students' Common Room on Dec 9th.
This follows discussions amongst ourselves about exhibitions, space and the opportunities to handle books.
The idea is that we use the students' common room on Dec 9th to show the work we made for Redell and anything else we want to show.
Susan said that she and Les could come and see the Redell work during the Mid-Point Review meeting 10-12.30.
Then we can invite the other MA students to drop in and see the work from 12.30 to 13.30 which could provide a valuable opportunity to get feedback
and for work to be seen and handled (or even a bazaar?!) and practice for a table at a BookArts Fair.
Is this good?

Sounds great! Erin

I just got this email from creative opportunities UAL maybe you are interested...Veronica

Meet the Society of Young Publishers at Creative Careers
Date: Friday 27 November 2009

2.00-3.30 pm

Location: Careers Centre, 1st Floor, Student Hub, 65 Davies Street, London W1K 5DA

The SYP are visiting the Careers Centre on Friday 27th November to give a presentation to students and recent gradautes. This will look at developments in the publishing industry, who the SYP are and how they can help, with lots of opportunities for you to ask questions.
Established in 1949, the Society of Young Publishers is open to anyone in publishing or a related trade (in any capacity) - or who is hoping to be soon. Run by a team of dedicated volunteers our aim is to help assist, inform and enthuse anyone trying to break into the publishing industry or progress within it. Check out our website

To book your place please telephone Creative Careers on 0207 514 6165

Please note: This session is only open to current students and recent graduates (2008 and 2009 leavers) of the University of the Arts London.

This is the website of the modern journals mentioned today. Enjoy.

MA Book Arts (full-timers): tutorials with Susan – timetable

We will discuss your project proposal; please bring your reflective journal and work done on the workshops with Helen and Redell. Also, bring a tutorial sheet printed out from the documents section of the wiki site. If you are unable to attend in the allotted time slot please organise to swop with another student-
Tuesday December 1st:

10:00 Irena
10:45 Mario
11:30 Dan
2:00 Pauline
2:45 Dio
3:30 Joana

Tuesday December 8th

10:00 Jing
10:45 Qiongjie
11:30 Erin
2:00 Evelina
2:30 Veronica

To Les:
If you like TED, you might like this too :-)
Enjoy it!

Cross-disciplinary practice/ talks.. should be interesting...

Hi Everybody
This is not essential reading but we think you might find it interesting ........

dio, imogen and pauline who are starring at 11 am tomorrow........

printmakers got the permission to put a exhibition in the basement studio in a week of 18th January, and a week before will be preparing space. If anyone planned working there in that time or objects to that use of space, let me know, because I agreed (I'm the only using the stuio for now) and I'll let them know. Irena

what studio space are they exhibiting in? the old life drawing room?
well, yes. basement studio.

An Opportunity to sell work and participate in an event at the Barbican:
The £3 Christmas Bazaar is similar in flavour to the V&A village fete, apart from everything must sell for no more than £3. We have both performance and more object based work included in the show.

The Barbican will host £3 Christmas Bazaar as part of the December Lates programme taking place on 17 December, within the foyer areas.
Artists, designers and product makers are invited to submit proposals to take part in the exhibition. The theme of £3 Christmas Bazaar can be interpreted broadly. The only constraint is any objects or concepts displayed at the exhibition must sell for a maximum of £3.
Please submit all proposals, including any supporting images where available, to Julia Dempsey as soon as possible. Successful applications will be notified via email.

Julia Dempsey | Festivals Marketing Consultant
M: + 44 7949 271291
Office: 2nd Floor, 4-5 Bonhill Street London EC2A 4BX

Barbican Centre, Silk Street , London EC2Y 8DS

'Arrows & Birds' by Michelle Mulheron

I have a small exhibition on Tuesday 17th of November - 30th of November at Wilson road lower gallery,
there will be an open evening on Tues at 6pm, also MA Graphics are exhibiting the same evening on
the upper floor so it should be a good evening. Hope you can make it!
ps. There will be beers and cupcakes :)

Creative Writing Class Work veronica
(Interview with Sophie Calle from The Guardian 2007 about Take Care of Yourself)
I found this some time ago while researching Sophie Calle. Thought this might be of interest to some of you after viewing the exhibit at Whitechapel. erin

these books will also be at the Small Publishers Fair:
and Eva and Irena will have their books there...

A REMINDER the Small Publishers Fair is this friday and saturday !!!!!!

UPDATED Nov. 9th
Please check as there are changes over the next few weeks!!

Another Lecture

Thursday 12th Nov 10am, artists talk by Stephen Chambers RA in the main lecture theatre at Wilson Rd.

Just in case anyone is interested there is a lecture on the 11th of November at The Royal Historical Society on the Institutionalisation of art.
Check it out.


two lectures

in 5th november and 12th november, Professor Nicholas Pickwoad

  1. "looking under the covers: bookbindings in the Edward Worth Library in Dublin"
  2. "forgotten books in a forgotten library: some interesting and unusual bookbinding in the Biblioteca Communale of Filigno"
time: 5:30pm-7:30pm
venue:wilson road, hall

click here for exhibitions
book fairs

GIFTED Peoples Party

MA Visual Arts Christmas Party

There will be an MA Visual Arts Christmas Party on the 2nd Dec at 4.30 at Wilson Rd (upper gallery space).
This will take place at 4.30pm after the artists talk by Mark Harris.
The party has a twist, an exchange of gifts.
Each party goer is invited to bring a drawing or work on paper. They will be displayed in the upper gallery from 10am that morning.
At the party each participant party goer will have their name in a box and at the party take at random one name from the box which entitles then to be gifted that artists work at the end of the evening.

This act of generosity will give you a beautiful gift and a potential Turner Prize artists work future star, gallery director, writer or curators piece.

Works must be on paper no larger than A3, and collected by a designated person in each of the pathway groups (student groups or reps can elect this person).
That person will meet the other pathway show organisers to hang and label all the work on the morning of the 2nd December.

On the 18th November at 10.30am the ‘party show organisers’ will meet Finlay Taylor the MA Printmaking subject leader to plan the exhibition hang and ‘gifting’ event. (Wilson Rd office)


Test to see if it notifies me - George :-) test

In preparation for tomorrow's talk by Peter Koch (11am in the basement seminar room) you may want to look at:

Reminder to all full-time MA students!
For full-time MA students the deadline for the Library assignment is 3.00 pm Tuesday 17 November 2009.
Please email it to Jane Holt at or hand it in at the library, making sure it is marked for Jane’s attention.
There will be follow-up and feedback sessions held in the library on the days and times listed below.
You must sign up for a session so please select the date and time that suits you.
The sessions are to give you feedback on the assignment and for you to bring any experiences or problems accessing the resources, and to share tips and hints, and so on.
The sign up sheets are at the Library Desk.
Monday 23/11/2009 10.00 am
Tuesday 24/11/2009 3.00 pm
Wednesday 25/11/2009 10.00 am
Wednesday 25/11/2009 3.00 pm
Thursday 26/11/2009 10.00 am
Thursday 26/11/2009 3.00 pm
Friday 27/11/2009 10.00 am
Friday 27/11/2009 3.00 pm
Spaces are limited so please book as soon as possible.
Please contact Jane Holt if you have any queries.
Reader and Information Services Librarian
Library and Learning Resources
Camberwell College of Arts
Peckham Road
London SE5 8UF
Tel: 020 7514 6349

Project proposal update:
- Don't forget to look at the notes for guidance
- The proposal should be 1500-2000 words, including bibliography and timetable
- After your working title, put the QUESTION your proposal is seeking to explore/answer
- include a few sentences about the CONTEXT of your research

letterpress News:
You may or may not be aware but James Edgar is a Dad again. James isaway this week on Paternity Leave and Ian Primarolo is covering for James fromWednesday. Letterpress is open from Wednesday 4th November to Friday 6th November10am to 5pm daily. I have posted information on Blackboard under PrintmakingResource Centre for the students but if you have any individual enquiries pleasecould you pass the information on.Many thanks,Paul.----
We are running the last scheduled induction on thursday the 29th of October 2009 from 10.00am to 12 am.This will include inductions in the 3d workshops and induction in the 4th floor workshops.Could you please let all your students know that this last induction is taking place.Students who have not been inducted in the 3d workshops will not be granted access to the facilities.Best regardsisabelle

Multiples Seminar
Book Art and Printmaking + open to others!
25th November
MA Seminar Room at Wilson Road.
Tutors: Finaly Taylor and Susan Johanknecht

There will be two sessions with a sign up sheet on the office door at Wilson Rd.
The sessions are at 10am and 11.30am with 13 places in each.
The seminar asks you to present a 3 minute talk and present an image/images on power point of an interesting multiple object.
Its conception, function, purpose etc in the world should be explored. You may wish to address why you have chosen to speak about it and perhaps how it changes or interacts with your own practice.
There is no historical time frame to limit you so it could be from 100 years ago or last week.

Hope to see you there.

Hi Everyone
We talked today about meeting up. It is going to be difficult to get people together tomorrow but some want to meet anyway.
So we are meeting Wed (28/10)at 12 noon in the upstairs staff eating area at the main site.
Second meeting will be 1.15 on Tuesday 3/11. We are all there for the Peter Koch talk which is scheduled to finish at 1pm. So we
can have a quick break and then get back together again with drinks etc in the basement studio.

​ FYI below should be October 27

IMPORTANT reminder: the Tuesday November 27th Text/poetics workshop is taking place at the BRITISH LIBRARY, same groups and times as last week, but meeting outside the library. Please pass this message on to other members of the group!!!!

hi,about library exhibition.


How do people feel about meeting up at college to chat through some of the things. Say on Wednesday morning? We could talk about our skills and what we can share
and what we want to develop as well as questions to do with the work we are doing.
Any interest?

YES! very smart idea. I will be there. irena

by the way, what time we should meet ?

Anyone have any good ideas about how they are making the timtable part of the Study proposal? I dont know how detailed it is suppose to be et cetera..

Thanks! Veronica

external image attachment.ashx?id=RgAAAADVKLADjGTMRqs2Rdo0AUnJBwCA3jdcTaa%2bQr0cJjeFszARALjg%2fA8jAACA3jdcTaa%2bQr0cJjeFszARAMlwrmb8AAAJ&attcnt=1&attid0=EAB439LAYbjXSInlDnybT82J
Naum Gabo
Discovering the Archive
Friday 23 October 2009, 14.00–17.00

Tate Britain Duffield Room
£25 (£17 concessions), booking recommended
For tickets book online <file:/tickets/default.htm?performancelist.asp?ShowID=3789&amp;Source=web> at: <>
or call 020 7887 8888.

‘A gathering to make the eyes sparkle’, is how former Tate Director Norman Reid described his first look at Naum Gabo’s archive. Tate curators have spent years cataloguing its 50,000 items, and this study day is the first opportunity to examine them in Tate’s Archive. Art historian Christina Lodder introduces Gabo through his correspondence, writings, sketches and models, followed by a viewing of works in the Prints and Drawings Rooms and an exploration of the Gabo’s archive.


14.00 – 14.10 Welcome by Eleanor Clayton, Assistant Curator: Adult Programmes

14.10 – 15.00 Introduction to Naum Gabo, by Professor Christina Lodder, Edinburgh University

15.00 – 15.15 Tea, Coffee and biscuits

15.15 – 16.00 Viewing of Naum Gabo’s work in the Prints and Drawings Room, led by Julia Beaumont-Jones, Collection Registrar

16.00 - 16.10 Introduction to the Tate Archive in the Hyman Kreitman Reading Rooms by Adrian Glew, Archivist, overview of selected materials by Andrea Zierer, Archive Cataloguer.

post your 200 words here

IMPORTANT change:: for next Tuesday's writing workshop we will be meeting at the front of the BRITISH LIBRARY outside the main doors, still in your groups at 11:00 or 12:00. The library is on Euston Road as well, but the other side, before you get to St. Pancras/Kings Cross stations.

Looking forward to the Library show!!

Exhibition in Library

Hi everyone
We thought it might be good to all meet up and admire our work in the library on Wednesday (21/10)
So if you can make it we should be there at 1pm.

Hi Qiongjie,
That is great news - we were obviously misinformed.
You can just go to LCC - the books are on the right at the back as you go into the library.

hello, pauline:
i think everybody who already got the basic techniques for book binding, so maybe we need special stuff? i don't know.
but i got book copy of "japanese book binding" if anyone need it, just let me know!
by the way, shall we can make appointment with LCC library, i think we can organize it, and visit together, maybe! how do u think ?

Ma Book Arts 2009/10 group email addresses:

I hope it will be useful. Please let me know if there are any mistakes in it. Thanks. Eva

for Jing: the artist / poet I was refering to yesterday, who works across languages and cultures (Korean, American,French) is called
Theresa Hak Kyung Cha
Thanks very much :D


I will be trying to attend this talk on Thursday at Wimbeldon Space . I thought it may be interesting to those involved in spacial mapping and/or drawing.

Walk around with Rupert Hartley: Movement of people or things
Using the exhibition and specifically one sketch page entitled ‘Movement of people or things’, Rupert Hartley’s walk around will relate drawing to architectural space, wayfinding and cognitive mapping.
Thursday 15th October 2009, 11 - 11.30am
ALL WELCOME. No booking required

- Egidija


Hi everyone
The exhibition is going ahead. Please if you have not already done so can you let me know the title
of your work. I need to know by 8am Monday morning as that is when I will start making the labels.
I am going to use the people names listed in the Symposium agenda unless anyone tells me something else.
Anyone can give me their books at any time or else leave them in my plan chest drawer in the basement.
I would prefer to get the books before Wednesday but worst case please bring them along to the library at 9.30am.
I will be putting the books into the library starting at 9.30am on Wednesday October 21 with those of you that
have offered to help - thank you.

Hello Everyone,

Unfortunately I cannot make my library seminar group tomorrow so I was wondering if anyone would like to swap. I know it's very short notice but please let me know if you would not mind swapping.

Thank You


Joana, I can be there instead of you... Irena

updated 12 October 09

Tuesday 27 October, 7pm
David Brittain, co-curator of the exhibition 'Eduardo Paolozzi: The Jet Age Compendium', and Robin Spencer, Paolozzi's biographer, will be in conversation about Paolozzi's work for Ambit magazine in the sixties and seventies, in relation to his wider career and his reputation as an innovator of British Pop Art. Paolozzi's Ambit works reveal a more politically engaged side to the artist than is usually acknowledged and include collaborations with author J.G. Ballard and Ambit editor Martin Bax.
The event is free but booking is essential as places are limited. Please email to reserve a place. The galleries are closed on Tuesdays but they will be open from 6pm before this event for visitors to see the exhibition.
'Eduardo Paolozzi: The Jet Age Compendium'
'Dave Hullfish Bailey & Nils Norman: Surrounded by Squares'
4 September to 1 November 2009

Raven Row
56 Artillery Lane
London E1 7LS
T +44 (0)20 7377 4300

TrAIN Open Events 19-22 October 2009
TrAIN Conversation | Roma Tearne | Timelines: Memories and Migrationl
Monday 19 October, Central Saint Martins RLS 712 (Southampton Row Entrance) 17:30-19:00
Sri Lankan born artist Roma Tearne will show one of her films followed by a Conversation with Professor Deborah Cherry. Roma Tearne is an artists and novelist who lives and works in Britian.She trained as a painter, completing her MA at the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art, Oxford. For nearly twenty five years her work as a painter, installation artist, and filmmaker has dealt with the traces of history and memory within public and private spaces. She became Leverhulme Artist in Residence at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford in 2002 and there, as a response to public interest, that she began to write. In 2006 she was awarded a three-year AHRC Fellowship, at Brookes University, Oxford where she worked on the relationship between narrative and memory in museums throughout Europe. Her third novel
Brixton Beach
is published by Harper Collins.
Artist Talk | Jaime Gili | Caracas Centrifugal
Wednesday 21 October, Lecture Theatre Chelsea College of Arts (Atterbury Street Entrance), 17:15-19:00
Jaime Gili will discuss the current context of the arts in Caracas, Venezuela. He will introduce the modernist legacy of artistic integration - epitomized by the city’s Central University - and the present political situation, the disappearance of museums and the growth of private initiatives. Points of focus will be spaces including Los Galpones art center, Jesus Fuenmayor, Oficina 1, Organización Nelson Garrido and La Carniceria; young art initiaves around the FIA art fair, including Desconfia and Jovenes con FIA; the work of individual arts in Venezuela including Suwon Lee, Luis Romero and Luis Salazar, and that of artists working abroad, including Alexander Apostol, Nayari Castillo, Hernandez Diez and Arturo Herrera.
Exhibition Histories | Paulo Herkenhoff on The XXIV Bienal de Sao Paulo
Thursday 22 October, Lecture Theatre Royal College of Art (Kensington Gore), 6.30-8pm
Paulo Herkenhoff will discuss his curatorship of the XXIV Bienal de Sao Paulo (1998). Herkenhoff used the influential twentieth century Brazilian cultural concept of Antropofagia (cannibalism) to set the parameters for this international exhibition - which is considered as a landmark in the history of biennales. Introduced by Teresa Gleadowe. TrAIN collaboration with Afterall and Curating Contemporary Art at the Royal College of Art.
RSVP to Eva Broer TrAIN Research Centre Administrator
More info:

The John Latham, FLAT-TIME HOUSE researchers and curators have offered to meet with anyone interested in being involved with the house/archive/project on Monday October 26th, 2:30 at the house on Bellendon Road. Could you let me know if you are interested - they need to know numbers - thanks, susan

are there any other days that the flat time house are free? George

Hi lee,
Dan and I are meeting in the staff canteen at 12.30 Tues 13th to discuss the embedded book seminar. Can you make it?
Thanks, Christine

Qiongjie I don't know your email?
Just to let you know our group for the embedded books seminar will be meeting on Tuesday.

hello, george:
my e-mail:

Hi everyone. This is what I am performing in.

FRIDAY 9th OCTOBER - Mark Baker from the international office will be in the small seminar room in the basement of Wilsons road from 10.00 - 12.00, to offer support for all Overseas students and all European students [who feel they need English Language support]. This will run every week, same time same place.
This is highly recommended for all overseas students, and your course leaders will be monitoring attendance, as we see this as being critical in supporting your studies here at Camberwell. As you have encountered, the MA is focussed on critical questioning and debate, a skill that is complex for home students let alone overseas students so please take advantage of this offer.

message for Joana: the book I was speaking of yesterday where one short text is rewritten hundreds of ways is,'Exercises in Style' by Raymond Queneau (let me know if you can't find a copy-) susan

does anyone know if there are any printers at wilsons road that we can use?
thanks george

there are two printers in the IT room, colour and bw. Irena

Hello everyone,

I lost my reflective journal and a book last Wednesday and I think it might have been during the RLM at Wilson's hall. I have been looking for it for a few days and it's nowhere to be found. If you do see it by any chance please let me know. It's a Ryman black A5 notebook with an elastic band. The book is not so important but it's called Indie Publishing.

Thank you

Digital Media timetable and other important information.
Digital Media workshop timetable is attached and also available on blackboard and on the notice board on front of the DM office.
As from Monday the 5 October until December the 4th DM will run 56 workshops (Introductions to software) in: Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver , Final Cut Pro and demonstration sessions in After Effects.
Students can learn how to use different software in our department by:
- attending workshops (advisable for all beginners)
- booking one to one (for those who are already working on their projects)
- using our handouts (available on a blackboard or in DM department)
- or just by popping in and speaking to us (all students)

The email for Emily (the Chelsea librarian) is
Was also wondering if anyone would be interested in starting a print club?
Was thinking we could set small briefs once every few weeks or so to develop the actual crafts.
Possibly put them towards an exhibition of some kind? Just an idea I was toying with.

I think its nice idea, I would definitely join this club... lets start, because usually best ideas comes during the process.

Im also in!! Should we set a meeting day and get started? Veronica

I'm interested. Erin

I'm in. Egidija

In interested too - Imogen

Does anyone have the email adress of the librarian? Cant seem to find it on the web.. thanks! Veronica

hello, pauline:
i m qiongjie, i m realy happy if i can enjoy this exhibition in library.
i hope it should be very well.
my work title:life with mails
name:qiongjie yu
have a nice weekend!

click here for exhibitions
book fairs

post your 200 words here

hi, just to let you know that there is a sign-up sheet for letterpress workshops in the basement Peckham road.

hi everybody
saw this and thought you might be interested - also it links you to TED
take care

Message for Veronica! Keep your tutorial with Susan as Eva agreed to swap with me already!Thanks and sorry I didn't have your email... Janine x

Exhibition in the library October 16?

Hi everyone
I have enquired at the library and we could have an exhibition from October 16 - I have got the forms to fill out.
I thought we could call it Beginnings and show the work we did with Helen and maybe have another exhibition when we make the finished pieces in November.
Can you email and let me know what you think please? If you think this is a good idea and would like to take part can you email the name of your piece and your name as it would appear in the exhibition and I will make up labels etc.
If we go ahead it would be great if someone would like to help set it up on 16th.
Please email to
thanks pauline
Hope you will find it interesting. Take a look what's going on with book arts in Lithuania:) Eva

Workshop: Bookarts MA Wellcome Collection, with Redell Olsen

Tuesday 20th and 27th October 2009

183 Euston Road London NW1 2B

Time: 11.00-12.00 or 12-1 Meet in the cafe in your specific group & time

We will be using Henry Wellcome’s collection of medicine related objects
as starting points for a writing project that will focus on different
types of textual production which use found material.

In order to prepare for the workshops I would like you to do the following:


Before we begin our project at the Wellcome Collection please research
some of the following artists and writers. Consider their rich and
varied approaches to writing and representing the body and the self.
Make notes to bring with you about styles of writing, images, ideas or
anything else that you feel might be useful to you in your own work.
Come prepared to discuss your research.

Artists Books Online:

Johanna Drucker. Dolls of The Spirit. 1980.
Charles Bernstein and Susan Bee. Little Orphan Anagram. Granary Books, 1997.
Joan Lyons. The Gynecologist. Visual Studies Workshop Press, 1998.
Elissa Joy. The Return of the Liposuctioned Corpse: Love Letters to
Madmen. 1993.
Roni Horn. Library of Water (ongoing).

Poets to Research:

Craig Dworkin. Smokes.
Madeline Gins. “How To Breathe.” p. 98.
bp nichol. The Matryrology.
Kenneth Goldsmith. Fidget.
C.D. Wright. Deep Step Come Shining.

See also: Gertrude Stein, Mina Loy, Bernadette Mayer, Anne Carson,
Caroline Bergvall, Alice Notley, Rachel Blau Du Plessis.


Mona Hatoum, Louise Bourgeois, Robert Gober, Annette Messager, Kiki
Smith, David Wojnarowicz.

2. Now visit these images from the Wellcome collection online at:
(‘understanding the body images 1 – 6’)

Choose an image to respond to and write for 15 minutes.
Return to your research into the writers listed above and consider how
you can incorporate some of their strategies for writing into what you
have written. For example do they use the page in interesting ways? How
have they used punctuation? Do they use short or long phrases? Columns?
Single words? Etc.

Rewrite your piece of writing in response to the writers that you have
researched and that you like.

Please bring the completed draft of your writing with you (max. 250
words, A4 typed) to our first session.

Finally - in order to develop your project after the two workshop
sessions end you may find it helpful to collect images and texts that
you wish to work with that are related to the body and health.

Please bring pens and paper to write with!

this opportunity has come
through from an ex-bookarts student:

Lets get together and create our Collective Atlas!
The idea is to create a representation of the world through people who know the places.
Think of a village/town/city that you have spent time in. The task is to try and represent it the best you can in one simple book.

There are just 2 rules: The book must only be made from one A4 sheet of paper or card (of your choice) and can only be folded into the format you want. Cuts can be made but the sheet must remain relatively whole – so not cut right in half etc.
You can use one or both sides of the sheet and use any media.
Send your book to:
Somethink Collective
97 Benview
Please include your name on your book. And when sending then please include an email address that we can contact you on to inform you of developments.
The books will be collected with the idea of finding exhibiting opportunities. It would be great to get a group of them together for the Small Publishers Fair in November! But the project will be ongoing.
They will also be uploaded on to the Blog!
any questions - please contact us at


The Artist's Book Yearbook. Bristol, UK: University of West England, Bristol. Published bi-annually. 1994-

The Blue Notebook. Bristol, UK: University of West England, Bristol. Published twice a year. 2006-

The Bonefolder. The Book Arts Web. Published twice a year. 2004-

JAB: The Journal of Artists Books. Chicago: Columbia College Chicago. Published twice a year. 1994-

Mimeo Mimeo: Artists Books, Fine Press Printing & the Mimeo Revolution. Published twice a year. 2008-

Parenthesis: The Journal of the Fine Press Book Association.// Published twice a year.

printmaking inductions wed sept 30th at 10am: mario, ejidija, evelina, qiongjie, christine, joana, jing
printmaking inductions wed sept 30th at 1:30: imogen, dan, erin, veronica, george, tik wan
(afternoon people you will miss the printmaking FADE project sympoium......)

as promised a link to yesterdays seminar/workshop


John bently/liver & Lights has invited you to the event 'Launch of Liver & Lights No 42. theafterrabbit : Kathys Plums c/w sawbones' on Artist Books 3.0!
Check out "Launch of Liver & Lights No 42. theafterrabbit : Kathys Plums c/w sawbones" on Artist Books 3.0

John bently/liver & Lights

Launch of Liver & Lights No 42. theafterrabbit : Kathys Plums c/w sawbones
Launch of Liver & Lights No 42. theafterrabbit : Kathys Plums c/w sawbones

Time: October 31, 2009 from 8pm to 11:45pm
Location: The Ivy House, Nunhead
Organized By: John bently/liver & Lights

Event Description:
This is a launch party/ afterrabbit gig in celebration of Liver & Lights No 42, part of which is a vinyl 45 rpm single of legendary afterrabbit performing music based on the texts in the book...the usual story...The venue is a south east london legend with gold lame curtains: a veritable miniature music hall. In a previous incarnation myself and Mr Harvey Eagles were asked never to return by the proprietor becuse we were rude to the audience. We are hoping its not the same landlord.
There will be glorious support acts and free badges and all manner of books and stuff to peruse. We will take to the stage about 10pm We know its halloween but we reckon on being no match for the devil!!

See more details and RSVP on Artist Books 3.0:

Hi Janin - just to make sure that you still want to swap your tutorial with me from 11.30 am Tues 13th to 11.30 am Tues 6th. Please let me know by email Thanks Eva

Hi Janine - I will gladly swap with you for the Library seminar - I will go on Wed 14th and you go on Mon 19TH.
Suits me well! Pauline

Hello all.
Please could someone in the second Library Seminar group on Mon 19th please swap with me and go instead on Weds 14th?
Also need to swap my tutorial (11.30am Tues 13th) with someone who is on Tues 6th. Can anyone do this?
It's all because I am in this project

Thankyou! Janine
October timetable details, please check!

latest TED found in archives
mystery more interesting than knowledge?

thought that you might find this network useful

Letterpress induction basement Peckham rd
The dates for MA Visual Arts students to sign up for are:
Monday 21st Sept 10.00am and 1.30pm.
Tuesday 22nd September 10.00am and 1.30pm.
Wednesday 23rd September 10.00am and 1.30pm.
Thursday 24th September 10.00am and 1.30pm.

All sign up sheets are in Letterpress.

This timetable will be continually updated...keep checking ....

Here is a timetable for Symposium 1, the time will be tight so please set up early if you can in the basement seminar room - looking forward to the day!

just a quick hello to all the new book art students at Camberwell and also i guess to those returning - my name is Les and I will be working with you over the next year or two (depending on your options) I'm really looking forward to the symposium on the15th - seeing all your various practices and interests and working out how you will all become a vibrant exciting community.
remember - nobody know more than everybody
if you are interested you can check me out on my blog to see if we will get on!
if you have a digital presence why not make a link here
anyway - i'm back outside - its a great day and for those of you from sunnier places - make the most of it as February in London can be a little grim.

here are some of the sites i am currently obsessed with and may support you in your work (or life)
can i recomend Dan Pink and Hans Roslings talks but almost any of them will amuse and enlighten
the 365 days project keeps revealing gems but there is a lot of excellent stuff here
why not its free!
i seem to spend all my 'spare' time listening to radio i missed!

in terms of specific book web sites UWE are doing some interesting work -
a link to a huge list of sites

a link to UWE book art newsletter