YES, LET’SFriday Septebmer 25th, 7-10pm. Open by appt. through Oct 9th.

This has to do with Millerama – the place I grew up, a near mythical family compound that my grandmother reigned over until her recent death. Millerama continues to exist. People float in and out – stay and go. Sleep in the garden or in a bed. There is always room for one more at dinner. I’m curious to see if I can transport some aspects of my home into The Spare Room. Can I build a place that many far-flung people can inhabit, where everyone can fit?

“YES, LET’S.” is an experiment in answering this question. Work from London, Egypt, Hanoi, Portland and Japan will join the Bay Area contributions to the project in a spare room in Bernal Heights. I've invited friends from here and everywhere to send something in. I want to see how they can fit in one place, and listen to what it sounds like.
Curated by Gabby Quynh-Anh Miller, featuring works by
Maren Abromowitz (San Francisco)
Lauren Anderson (San Francisco)
Allie Furlotti (London)
Scott H. Grenfell (Oakland)
Matthew Hunter (Oakland)
Yekaterina Konstantinovnaten (Mendocino/Oakland)
Sara Lafleur-Vetter (Luxor, Egypt)
Erin McElroy (San Francisco)
Michael McManus (Portland, OR.)
Gabby Quynh-Anh Miller (Bay Area)
Phuong Linh Nguyen (Vietnam)
Pattiann Koury (Bay Area)
Maya Kronfeld (Berkeley)
Lisa Yoshiko Radecki (Chicago)
Ruth Robbins (Millerama)
Clio Sady (San Francisco)
Nyssa Zinn (San Francisco)

The Spare Room Project

Support for The Spare Room Project is provided by Southern Exposure's Alternative Exposure Grant Program